The Avan’s post office on Sand Mountain was named after J. W. Avans.  He was postmaster there until his death in 1900.  After his death his wife was postmistress for a number of years.


Wildwood—The first post office we have a record of was in the dopot building on the A. G. S. Railroad.  George Hale was the post master.  Later it was moved to Townsend’s store on old highway 11 and R. S. Townsend became the post master.  In 1936 when the New Townsend’s store was compledted on the new highway 11 it was moved to this bulding.  There was a special compartment for the post office.  Mrs. Mary Townsend was post mistress.  In 1968 a new modern post office was built on highway 11.  Carolyn Townsend was the first post mistress in this building.   Mrs. Marjorie Neely, the present post mistress, became post mistress in 1970.


Rising Fawn—Rising Fawn post office was established in 1848.  Postmaster, Alexander Hanna in 1848, Mary Frances Corum 1866, John Hale 1867, A. B. Lee 1882, George Chadwick 1883, John Hale 1885, N. P. Russell 1889, John White 1891, William Pickle 1893, Matilda White 1898, John White 1901, Emerson White 1903, Joshua Forester 1904, Alexander Hale 1905, Abner Woodyard 1923, Emily Woodyard 1932, Ray Smith 1932, J. L. Fricks 1939, Royce Leonard 1972.


Sulphur Springs—Sulphur Springs post office was established as Smith on June 16,1869, discontinued in November, 1870, reestablished in 1872.  The name was changed from Smith to Suphur Springs in 1890.  Postmasters and Postmistresses:  James T. Scruggs 1869, Samuel Driskell 1872, Thomas Morgan 1879, Warner Driskill 1880, Joseph White 1886, Rufus Bearden 1897, Frank Duncan 1897, Charles Garland 1898, John McGuffey 1899, John Forester 1939, Ella Forester 1949.


(Used by permission, History of Dade County Georgia, Retired Senior Volunteer Program, 1981.)

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