By Victoria Cooper


Avana Post Office was named for Victoria’s grandfather, James W. Avans. Mrs. Avans, Victoria’s grandmother, was Post Mistress from 1900 to 1920.


Laura Hartline and Clev Blevins taught school at Worley Chapel. Bessie Holder was substitute teacher.


The first teachers at Davis High were G.C. Austin, Lottie Austin and Jewell Michaels.


Worley Chapel was a one room school.,


Land could be bought for one dollar per acre at that time.


During the depression Dade County had jobs for the ones who needed them. Some of the directors were: Lucille Ellis, Eleanor Culpepper, and Bess Cureton, Edna Scruggs was secretary.


N.Y.A. furnished jobs for young people and W.P.A. employed older ones.


Several women from Sand Mountain walked to Trenton and worked for fifteen cents per hour. They sewed all kinds of wearing apparel and also worked on mattresses. Ben Justus was foreman and Evie Reece was supervisor.


Mr. Cooper, Victoria’s father, owned a quarry. The stone used in the Baptist church building at Trenton and also Davis School came from this quarry. (Used by permission History of Dade County Georgia, Retired Senior Volunteer Program, 1981)

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