The McCort family in Deer’s Head Cove contacted Sam Owens, the minister at Trenton, and requested the establishment of a congregation here. Services began in April 1962 in the community building at Deer’s Head Cove. In April, 1963, services were moved to a building adjacent to the G.V. Green residence. This meeting place was not suitable for cold weather and services were dispensed in the Fall of 1962. Several were interested in establishing a location at Rising Fawn. The present fine building was built by Tom Holder and G.V. Green.


Services began at the Rising Fawn structure in June 1967.


Initial membership at Deer’s Head Cove was 6; 12 attended at the Green’s residence; currently they have an average attendance between 25-30.


Some of their ministers include Sam Owens, I.H. (Pat) Wheeler, Jr., Bill Laird and others. Their present minister is Milton Parker. (Used by permission HISTORY OF DADE COUNTY GEORGIA, Retired Senior Volunteer Program, 1981)

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