Sand Mountain, which lies parallel with Lookout, hovers Dade Valley on the west, and is known for and near, as a desirable place to live. Sand Mountain was so named because of the presence of sand and sandstone in the soil.


The rich, fertile soil on Sand Mountain furnishes good farmland for hundreds of truck farmers, who each year produce thousands of bushels of sweet and Irish potatoes, beans, turnips and other kinds of vegetables. Also the famous “Sand Mountain syrup” and the widely known “Sand Mountain Watermelons” are produced in abundance and are hauled to the market in large quantities. Chattanooga furnishes the market, principally for the truck farmers; however Sand Mountain furnishes a big part in keeping the markets within a radius of several miles abundantly supplied. Practically all the farmers have trucks for the purpose of carrying the produce a distance, and all work early and late in the growing season.


Apples, grapes, peaches and other fruits, as well as cotton, and corn are raised quite extensively.


Poultry is also an important product, both broilers and eggs are produced in abundance.


Many modern residences have been built on the mountain during the past few years and the section is growing rapidly.


Due to the very desirable location and climate, Sand Mountain is a health resort for many people coming from distant places to recuperate, breathe the pure air and have access to the healthful climate. Dade County Times (Used by permission HISTORY OF DADE COUNTY GEORGIA by Retired Senior Volunteer Program, 1981.)

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