The “Jasper Train” which went to Chattanooga in the morning, going through Hooker at 10:00 a.m. and returning at 4:00 p.m.  This was the only means of transportation to and from Chattanooga for many people along the route.


“Pete” Haswell of Hooker was the conductor and Sam Parker was the flag man.


As there was no transportation to the high school at Trenton, high school pupils rode this train to Chattanooga and attended school there.  Some of the old teachers coming to mind, were: Patterson, Loomis, Miller, McTeer, Morris, Sutton, Pennington, Wood, Watson bros., Wilson and Sweatnam.


Some old merchants: Bob and Ben Hawkins, E. Rodgers, Rus Taylor, Morgan & Jacoway, E. Mann, J. C. Smith, A. Brown, James A.Case, T. H. B. Cole, J. A. Cureton, Dr. Ketcherside and Leroy Case.


Some lawyers: John G. Jacoway, E. D. Graham, R. H. Tatum, Dr. J. T. Lumpkin, Jacoway bros., J. P. and W. U.


Some doctors: Humphreys, W. E. Brock, J. W. Russey, Max Corput, J. R. Brock, E. B. Ketcherside, T. J. Lumpkin, Donnelly and R. B. Cuthbert.


Besides practically a new courthouse and jail, Trenton has a new grammar school, a commodious gymnasium, (thanks to PWA), four churches (three almost new), lights, water, and on the public square, concrete curbs and sidewalks, just finished.  We have a modern gin and large lumber plant.


Trenton’s stores, shops and garages are up-to-date in their respective lines.  But this is history in the making and I am not expected to expand further.


In this history, I have mentioned only those who have passed and some of the aged still with us; I wish that I had the space to call the roll of many others.


The present Trenton is something of a “melting pot,” but if you have not in your veins too much of that Virginia aristocrat, John Hancock, you would enjoy living here.  (used by permission, HISTORY OF DADE COUNTY, GEORGIA, Retired Senior Volunteer Program, 1981)

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