In the 1880’s it was formerly known as Benjamin F. Pace tan yard.


For years in back of the house; there were 3 vats in the ground which was covered over.  They were once used as dye vats.


There was 1 1/8 acres including a grist mill house.


In Sept. 15, 1913, C. L. Price bought property from Mrs. S. A. Jackson.  In searching deed books it is believed the Jacksons bought it form Ben F. Pace.


Then on July 1, 1914, C. L. Price sold the property to Jefferson D. Jarrett.


On May 1920, William I. Price, Sr., bought 1 1/8 acres including mill house from Jefferson D. Jarrett.


Mr. Price ran it as prist mill until Nov. 1920, when he bought the Sitton Mill on Lookout Creek.


Later a bulding was added to mill house and a grocery and feed store known a W.I. Price’s Store until eary 1930’s when it was sold to Joe E. Tatum.


About 1937 when U. S. 11 was rebuilt, the sore building was torn down.


(Used by permission, History of Dade County Georgia, Retired Senior Volunteer Program, 1981.)

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