The Whiteside Methodist Church, according to its cornerstone, was first organized in 1828. Joseph Murphy came to Running Water Creek and bought land from the Indians, paying a wagon for the property. Later, he moved to a narrow valley which was called Murphy Hollow.


The early settlers there realized their need for a place to worship, and near by, a church was built. This “meeting house” was about fifteen by twenty feet, with a fireplace at the end. They felt this would meet the needs of their families, pledging that they would bring them up in the “fear and admonition” of the Lord.


During the Civil War, Federal soldiers moved the church building to another location still in Murphy Hollow and used it for their headquarters.


After the war, the people attended church in its new location. As more worshipers came, a new church was built on the banks of Running Water Creek, over the state line, in Whitside, Tn.


In 1886, heavy rains caused the creek to rise, which damaged the church building and destroyed many valuable records. The courageous worshipers repaired the building for their use.


Membership grew, but in 1913, the building was destroyed by fire.


Immediately construction began on a new building, in the same place.


This church house was the worship place for many years. Then the construction of Interstate Highway 24 caused the removal of this much loved structure. This was about 1965.


Some records discovered show that some of the early members were Mary Beddow (1828), Nancy Anderson (1888), Lizzie Beddow, Isaac Doyle, Mary Doyle, William Doyle, Elijah Murphy, Elizabeth Murphy and Susan Cunningham.


Some early preachers were John Strickland (1828-1858), John Parrott and M.P. Swain (1874-1875).


Some later preachers were: J.R. Hatfield, J.J. Cannon, A.N. Dailley, E.B. Lewis, E.R. Kite, M.E. Deakins, A.M. Tomlinson, C.E. Wilson, I.D. Gadd, J.E. Merrill, M. Latham, W.L. Tate, H.W. McDonald, B.S. Pittsinger, G.W. Webb and W.E. Phelps. Still later ones were: John Jolly, Delaney Sisk, Paul Jordan, Edward Witt, Hearst Paul, Bob Gilbert, J. Gentry, J.R. Shrum and Bill Moss (1975).



This is one of the Methodist Churches that will live lovingly in the memories of many families.(Used by permission, History of Dade County, Georgia, Retired Senior Volunteer Program 1981).

  1. Any pics available….The surname DAGNAN…..Early pioneers lived in Egypt Hollow…..

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