William Clay Cureton, third son of James W. Cureton, married Mary Esther Killian, third daughter and fourth child of Noah Killian, who was a son of the second white settler in the area of Georgia which is now Dade County, William C. Cureton established “Crawfish Stock Farm” on a half section of property inherited from his father on Crawfish Creek in the Byrd’s Chapel Community. He served as County School Superintendent, was a member of the Road Commission which built the first paved road through the County from the Alabama to the Tennessee line. He was, for many years, on the Board of the Powder Springs School for the Deaf. He was an early graduate of the Trenton Academy. Before their marriage, Mrs. Cureton was a teacher in the Elementary School System. They, with Mr. and Mrs. Mark Castleberry, donated the property upon which the Byrd’s Chapel Church, School and Cemetery were constructed. This couple celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary on December 13, 1932. Uncle Mark and Aunt Faithy Castleberry, sharing the honors.

            William C. Cureton married Mary Esther Killian.

            Etta Lea Cureton died in childhood..

            James Gustavus Cureton married Helen Ethel Bristow;  Children: Ruth and Robert Dale.

            Ennis Marcia Cureton died in childhood.

            Bertha Clay Cureton married William Isaac Price; Children: Mary Elizabeth, Blanche, William I. Jr., James Clay, Anne Bertha, and Clara Sue.

            Charles Harold Cureton married Patricia Godbey; Children: Jo Ellen and Charles Harold, Jr.

            Clara Meade Cureton married Ernest Stewart; Children: Merrill

            William Clay Cureton, Jr. married Kate Irby; Children: Richard Killian, M.D., and Michael Miles.

            Mary Elizabeth Cureton (Cissie). Unmarried remained at Dademont until the death of her mother in  1920. Then removed to a home on Byrd’s Chapel road.

            Sarah Frances Cureton married Benjamin T. Brock to this union was born; Bennie Brock, Mary Nita and Guy – Bennie Brock married Edwin Wells, their children were: Mary Frances, who married William H. Pullen – Edwin R. Jr., who died in 1948 – Mary Nita who married Robert Whidden – and Guy Brock who married Olive Reed. (Used by permission HISTORY OF DADE COUNTY GEORGIA, Retired Senior Volunteer Program, 1981)

  1. James I. Cureton

    Corrections to William Clay Cureton—

    William Clay Cureton, Jr. married Lillian Kate Irby; Children: William
    Clay,III and James Irby

    Murphy Killian Cureton, M.D. married Helen Miles Hatfield; Children: Richard Killian, M.D. and Michael Miles

    Etta L., James G., Ennis M., Bertha C., Charles H., Clara M., William C, Jr., Murphy K. (M.D.) were the children of William Clay

    Mary Elizabeth and Sarah Frances were his sisters; hense they were
    daughters of James William and Nancy E. Boy Cureton

  2. James I. Cureton

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