William George Hughes and his wife Elizabeth Brown Hughes moved to the Slygo Valley area with their family from Walker County. Their farm later became known as the George Hughes farm. The house into which they moved at that time still stands and is known as the late Allen Patterson home. George Washington Hughes, born December, 1839, their sixth child, (Bill Hughes’s father) was three weeks old at the time they moved here, (approximately one hundred thirty-seven years ago.) William George Hughes helped move the Indians from this area.


Children of William George Hughes and Elizabeth Brown Hughes were:  Aaron, died as a young man with measles; Nancy married Jim Bailey; Martha married Jim Duggan; Joel was killed in the Civil War; Sarah married Will Clouse; George Washington married Martha Agnes Clouse; David died young; Elizabeth died as a young woman; Rebecca married Phillip Patterson; Andrew died young with measles; Amanda married Lewis Patterson; Emmeline married John Dugan.


George Washington Hughes volunteered to serve in the Confederate Army during the Civil War. He was about twenty-two years of age when he entered. During his term of service to his country he was permanently disabled.


He served as a:

     Private in Company B

     6th Georgia Volunteer Infantry

     Army of Tennessee CSA

     Lookout Dragoons



After serving his country he returned to Dade County and married Martha Agnes Clouse. They settled on what is now known as the Bill Hughes farm, where they lived until their death. He was a shoemaker by trade, also served as Tax Collector. Six children were born from this marriage. George Washington Hughes (father) December 1839-November 1921; Martha Agnes Clouse Hughes (mother) 1854-1899: Their children were Lydia Jane, July 1877-August  1877 Ada Lee, December 6, 1883-December 18, 1971, married Harris Gross; John B. G. October 1, 1886-October 19, 1959, married Ina Nabors. He was a telegraph operator for the Louisville and Nashville Railroad Company for 52 years; Cora B. August 31, 1889-February 2, 1974, married Willie Cureton. He was a Carpenter and Farmer; Sarah, August 8, 1894, married George Scott.



(Used by permission HISTORY OF DADE COUNTY GEORGIA, Retired Senior Volunteer Program, 1981)

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    which brown family is elizabeth from?

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