William David Hales

I am William David Hales and was born December 4, 1977 in Chattanooga, Tennessee to Kenneth Lee Hales and Mildred Dean McSpadden. Mildred was born March 13, 1950 in DeKalb County Georgia to Norton David McSpadden who was also born in DeKalb County on February 7, 1917. Norton was married to Evie Lou Stansell on December 15, 1946. She was also in DeKalb County on June 1, 1919.

 Norton’s parents were Ulis Andrew McSpadden and Jessie Bohanan. Ulis was born September 16, 1889 in DeKalb County. He died May 3, 1982 in DeKalb County. Jessie was born in DeKalb County to Bill Bohanan who died April 1, 1955 and to Rhoda Keith who died January 21, 1971.

Evie’s parents were Warren Columbus Stansell and Ider Banister. Warren was born February 28, 1879 in Floyd County and died July 27, 1959 in Cherokee County Alabama. Warren married Ider Banister on September 19, 1909. She was born September 25, 1889 in Floyd County and died August 9, 1966 in Cherokee County. Warren’s parents were Walter Stansell and Alice. Ider’s parents were Joe Banister and Jane.

Kenneth’s parents are William Emmet Hales and Delina May Peterson William was born November 14 in Gordon County Georgia to Margaret Hales and married Delina March 11, 1944. Delina was born April 4, 1923 in Chattanooga, Hamilton County, Tennessee. Delina1s parents were Henry Peterson and Mae Mahathy. William died November 11, 1980. (Submitted b: Id Hales)

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