This photo was made when Dad was teaching at Mount Olive, near Hinkle, Georgia. We had had a good deep snow and there had to be a reason for me to be out in it. Dad wanted to look for rabbits, and there was no way I could be persuaded to stay in. I don’t remember seeing any rabbits, but I will never forget tromping in the snow with my dad.


There was one other time he let me go hunting. After we moved back to New Salem, Leonard Gray wanted to go `coon hunting. So, naturally I wanted to go also, I must have wanted more excitement in my life. All I remember about the trip was walking in the woods carrying a flashlight and shinning it up into a tree.


Dad had lots of nephews who liked to come to our house to box, etc. I remember once some cousin (I don’t remember who brought a rooster to our house) but naturally, I had to be an onlooker to something I had never seen before and never saw again. We had a large white rooster. Evidently some cousin must have wanted to pit their chicken against ours. I remember crying and beating on Dad’s legs to make them stop. They did, and I never had to see any thing like this again. They probably went to some one else’s home. Most of the games were horseshoes after that.


The reason I put this photo in was because of a remark Gail made when she saw this picture yesterday.


She excitedly said, “Now I see where some of your brothers got their looks, especially Gilbert Leighton and Carroll.”


I will always call my younger brother Leighton. Mother let me name him, and I have always called him that. (Submitted by Lola M. Kyte, Kingston, TN 37763.)



  1. lola you might not remember me,you were a teacher in dade co school which I attended for a short stay you told me we were related,tried to find you & this is the first time I have an address. would like to know the relationship,I know my grandmother ida daniel gass ‘s mother was sarah moore daughter of tom moore & judith booth, is this the connection? would love to have info on the family if you dont mind .

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