Carroll was born July 28, 1929 (the year the stock market crashed). In September we were in Mt. Olive where Dad was to teach two years. I’m not sorry we went there, for I would have lost knowing so many interesting people. Life was different for two years.


Ruth Craig loved Carroll so much I believe she would have been happy to live with us. Carroll was a beautiful blue-eyed-fair haired baby. He laughed a lot and was precocious about his speech. He came out with statements that were amazing to adults. After two years we moved back to New Salem. Dad taught at least two terms there. When Grover started to school he came in one day and laid his books down, probably on the porch. Carroll, 3 ½ years younger, picked them up to look at. I felt he might soil or tear them, so I put them on a high shelf. The next thing I knew was a hard lick to my right leg. I looked down to see the scissors sticking straight out from my leg. Mother pulled me down on her lap and pulled the scissors out. A streak of fire ran through my leg and seemed to go all over me.


Carroll grew up, went to high school for an indefinite length of time at Berry Academy. When he was a senior I brought him to Oak Ridge where he lived with Grace and Leton. Afterwards he joined the Navy. He was in Saipan and later in Canada. I have a letter he sent to Mother saying he had received his first S.S. check.


Carroll married Inez Daniels. He adopted her daughter, Linda, and then they had Teri and Tony. He worked for a machine shop in Chattanooga and became ill with a brain tumor. A doctor in Trenton treated him for many months for a common ailment. Finally he went to a specialist and the real cause was discovered. He died of a brain tumor July 16, 1974. (Submitted by Lola K. Moore, TN 37763.)

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