I don’t know if we can or even want to do anything with this, what do you think. George W. Eckles came back here after the war and is ancestor to a lot of people still here. I wonder if any of the others did.


(This regiment was organized at Toledo, Ohio, from August 14 to September 5, 1861, to serve three years. On the expiration of its term of service the- original members (except veterans) were mustered out, and the organization, composed of veterans and recruits, retained in service until July 11, 1865, when it was mustered out, in accordance with orders from the War Department.)

(The official list of battles in which this regiment bore an honorable part is not yet published in orders.)


Lieutenant Colonel.

Albert Moore………-.17 Dec., 64



William B. Pugh…….15 Nov., 62

 Joseph B. Newton..….17 Dec.,  64

Henry G. Neubert…….17 Dec.,

Henry W. Bigelow……l7 Dec.,

Oscar N. Gunn……….22 Jan.,  65

James E. McBride…….22 Jan

David Bowker……….21 May

George W. Eckles….21 May 

George Washington Echols

George Washington Echols




Marshall Davis……..24 June,

(Brevet Major 25 May, 1865.)

First Lieutenants.

William B. Steedman…. 14 Mar., 63

Andrew J. Morse …….17 Dec.,  64

Harrison Wood………17 Dec.,

Samson A. Hildreth… …17 Dec.,

Albert Burroughs…….22 Jan.,  65

John P. Crawford…….22 Jan.,

William W. Moats ……22 Jan.,

Jesse Trapp ………… 9 Apr.,

John E. Teal, Adj’t.…. .21 May,

Wm. T. Benuett, R Q. M.21 May,

Henry A. Valentin …… 1 June,

Alonzo H. Wood……..26 June,

Second Lieutenants.


E. King Nash………..27 Mar., 65

Assistant Surgeons.



Colonel James B. Steedman,   July  16,   1862,   to   Brigadict General.

First Lieut. Seth B. Moe, Adj’t, August 8, 1862,  to Captain and A. A. G.

First Lieut.  Ezra B. Kirk,   R. Q. M., February 7,   1864,  to Captain and A. Q, M.

Assistant Surgeon Charles E. Ames, May 1, 1864, to Surgeon 60th regiment Ohio infantry.

Resigned, (20.)

Lieut, Colonel Paul Edwards, November 26, 1862.

Captain James W. McCabe, May 3,1862.

Captain Jacob W. Brown, October 29, 1862.

First Lieut. Robert E. Patterson, April 17, 1862.

First Lieut. Josiah Farrington, October 14, 1862.

First Lieut. John Dizon, R. Q. M., December 19,1862.

First Lieut. Robert F. Just, February 5, 1863.

First Lieut. James Rutledge, September 9, 1863.

First Lieut. Crawford C. Adams. June 27,1864.

First Lieut. William H. Brownell, September 10, 1864.

Second Lieut. Alexander Walp, November 15, 1861.

Second Lieut. William N. Rogers, February 11,1862.

Second Lieut. John M. Hamilton, September 15, 1862

Second Lieut. Josiah Johnson, October 7,1862.

Second Lieut. George E. Murray, November 26, 1862.

Second Lieut. John W. Beecher, August 1, 1864.

Second Lieut. Frank Fleck, October 5, 1864.

Surgeon Waldo C. Daniels, November 7, 1862.

Assistant Surgeon Charles M. Eaton, March 4, 1863.

Chaplain Edward B. Raffensperger, February 24, 1863.

Mustered out on expiration of term of service, (12.)

Lieut Colonel Henry D. Kingsbury, November 7, 1864.

Captain Samuel Pomroy, September 12, 1864.

Captain William H. Eckles. September 12, 1864

Capfaln George W Kirk September 12, 1864

Captain Noah W. Ogan, September 12, 1864.

Captain John A. Chase, September 13, 1864.

Captain John J. Clark, March 29, 1865.

First Lieut. Edward S. Dodd, September 12, 1864.

First Lieut. Daniel H. Nye, September 12, 1864.

Second Lieut. Henry B. Ferguson, September 12, 1864.

Second Lieut. Isaac L. Van Meter, November 14, 1864.

Surgeon George E. Sloat, November 3, 1864.

Discharged, (2.)

Colonel George P. Este, (Brevet Brigadier General December 9,1864.) July 7,1665.

Captain David A. Gleason, January 11, 1865

Died, (6.)

Major John W. Wilson, October 3, 1864.

Captain Wilbur F. Spofford, killed in action at Jonesboro’, Ga,, September 1,1864.

Second Lieut. Walter B. Kirk, killed in action at Jonesboro’, Ga., September 1, 1864.

Second Lieut. Ebenezer C. Tillotson, September 24, 1864, of disease, at Lookout Mountain, Tenn.

Second Lieut, Charles B. Mitchell, September 28, 1864.

Second Lieut. Nathaniel 0. Cobb, October 3, 1864, of wounds received at Jonesboro’, Ga.


note 1.—No brevet appointments are entered on this register except those announced in General Orders before October 14, 1865.

NOTE2.—The roster of officers is given as it stood on the day of muster out.

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