Frank Massey was always very close to my Dad. He visited and liked for Dad to visit him. I think Dad must have spent some time in their home when the older children were small. They were always likeable, friendly, and fun to be with. Wesley gave me a list of all their names including children and grandchildren.


Frank was a very good environmentalist. He did organic gardening and it was very interesting to go there and see his raspberries. He had both red and black.


He and Mary [Frank’s wife was the former Mary Johnson of Head River] are both dead now and I miss them very much. I just loved to sit by their fireplace and watch Mary do her needlework. Her home was full of crafts, etc. It was really a small museum.


I haven’t seen Joanne [Mary and Frank’s daughter] for sometime. When spring or summer comes I hope to get Jay to take me by her place. Her husband is Harlon Taylor. Harlon’s mother, Rena Taylor, died last year. (Submitted by Lola M. Kyte, 303 Kelsay Dr., Kingston, TN 37763.)




  1. Crystal O'Dell Morrison

    My Mother Helen Bearden O’Dell was raised close to the Masseys…She told us that one Christmas Frank came with the horse and sled and told her and her siblings that he found Santa Clauses tracks. He took the kids following the tracks around so that his wife could bring in some gifts for them. Then he brought them back home and lo and behold they had missed Santa!
    Mom said that it took them a lot longer…like years to realize that he was following his own tracks and not Santas…
    I loved to go and visit the Masseys at their home and I do remember Mrs Massey doing her crafts and crocheting…on her wicker loveseat….and eating rhubarb fresh from Mr Masseys garden.

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