These two youngest brothers of mine are making their own place to ski. It is the steep bank in front of Art and Effie Moore’s home.


H. Gene is leading and G. Leighton is waiting his turn. Gene is retired from the Los Alamos National Laboratory and he and his wife, Nan, spend a lot of time skiing in Los Alamos. He has done so much much work on their ski areas that they named one of them Gene’s Hill.


Gilbert spends some of his leisure hours playing Gold. He plays most of the time at Tansia, but when he wants to play near by, he goes to Durham, Ga. I’ve never seen Durham’s course, but I’m glad there is one near New Salem.


Both boys did their time in service when they reached eighteen. G. Leighton did part of his time in Albuquerque. One of his children was born there. As I am writing this, our last snow is beginning to melt. Yesterday it looked like white roses clinging to the ends of the tree branches on this day, January 13, 1996. (Submitted by Lola M. Kyte, 303 Kelsay Dr., Kingston, TN 37763.)




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