At the end of Gene DeSha’s book, From Dade County, Georgia to Everywhere,” he gave a list of the Grosses from 1250 –

My mother, Effie Street Moore, says she remembers seeing a great-grandfather Gross, who was from Holland. She said he had a red face and long white hair.

Genealogy of the Gross family:

1- Sir William LeGros and Elianor DeFornells from county Kent, England.

2- Jean LeGros I (1408-1456), Dijon, France, master of the Chamber to the Count of Dijon, France. They moved during persecution.

3- Philip Fredrick Gross (1647 – —), Maniheim, Germany, married Martha (—).

4- Henry Gross and Elizabeth Kaler(?) 1746-1521 from Morganton, North Carolina.

5- John Gross, Sr., married Sarah Killian (1780-1874), Salisbury, North Carolina.

6- Sarah A. Gross (1843-1912), Grundy County Tennessee, married William H. Waddell.

William Henry Waddell and Sarah H. Gross Waddell had the following family:

Martha A. “Mattie” Waddell

Franklin Berry “Frank” Waddell

Laura Minerva Waddell

Ruben L. Waddell

Mary Lou “Zettie” Emmaline Waddell

Martha A. “Mattie” Waddell married George Washington Street. They had the following children:

Clara May Street Hale

Clarence Ernest Street

Maud(?) Street

Effie Lee Street Moore

Mona Rhea Street York

Metta Pearl Street McCauley

Leroy Paul Street

Effie Street married Art E. Moore in November of 1915. Their children were:

Lola Margare Moore Kyte

Mildred Louise Moore Pringle

Malcolm Conrad Moore

Grace Meredith Moore Johnson

Grover Alexander Moore

Carroll Rogers Moore

Homer Gene Moore

Gilbert Leighton Moore

Dorothy Ernestine Moore who died at the age of four. (Submitted by Lola Moore Kyte, 303 Kelsay Dr., Kingston, TN 37763.)

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