I wanted to use this picture, partly because of mother and those beautiful girls, but to show a part of the old building. At our reunion this year some of the young folks said they loved and missed the old buildings. Also, Azilee, a wonderful teacher at New Salem for a few years, and wife of Driggs Moore (oldest son of Uncle Bert Moore).

When mother died Azilee wrote this letter to me. I really feel she summed it up about my mother. The letter is as follows:

“Dear Lola and all the loved ones,

“We were so sad when we heard of Aunt Effie. No matter how long we keep our mothers, it is hard to give them up.

“I have so many beautiful memories of Aunt Effie. She made me feel I was special. Not many people have that gift. She could take simple things and make them into something wonderful. A blossom, a watermelon, a bowl of berries would seem so special when she served food or sent you home with a flower.

“She was beauty as she ministered to her family and friends. The many beautiful things she said and did is immortality. They will never die in our thoughts and lives, for we will pass them along to our children, and they will instill them in their children.

“Truly the circle will never be broken. I thank God I knew her. She and Uncle Art were so dear to Driggs. He loved them so much and always looked forward to seeing them.

“May God bless each of you. You have been given a great heritage of courage and strength.

“With love to all of you, Driggs and Azilee. February 7, 1979.”

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