Grover Moore, my second brother, was born February 22, 1926. He had a twin who was stillborn.

Both boys were named after our two grandfathers. Grover was named Grover Alexander after William Alexander Moore. The twin was named George Washington Street Moore after Grandpa Street.

I remember clearly the day they were born. I remember walking into the kitchen and saw dad wipe a tear from his eye.

One of the things I remember about Grover when he was small was that he loved to be rocked and loved to hear Mother sing and tell stories.

Once when Dad was working away from home Grover went to the front porch to be rocked and sung to by Mother. He always wanted her to sing, “Oh, My Darling Nellie Gray; they have taken her away and I’ll never see my darling any more…” By the time the song was finished he was crying softly. The rest of the children thought it was funny he always wanted a song that would make him cry.

Grover is a very thoughtful caring person. He always helped Mother with her wash and wanted the younger boys to help also.

He served in the South Pacific and became very sick while there. The doctor told him he had never seen a case worse than his.

Grover said he wanted to be in the Air Force, but didn’t make it. We were glad to see all the boys coming home when the War was over.

(Submitted by Lola M. Kyte, Kingston, TN 37763.)

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