John Jesse Moore and Martha Bradford Moore 1837-1924

Martha Alford & George Washington Echols

Margaret Recilia Echols b 12-27-1852 d 1931 and William Alexander Moore 1851-1925 they were married 7-6-1876



John Vol and Allie Hoffman

John Vol born 4-2-1887


Bert Clement and Katherine Driggs

Bert Clements born 3-16-1881    


Art Ernest and Effie Lee Street

Art E. born 9-10-1889



Leon Watson and Mae Tripplett Leon born 11-28-1892



Minnie and Albert McKaig

Minnie L. Born 7-3-1877


Etta and Wes Bradford

Cora Etta Born 12-15-1878


Mable and Joe Massey

Mable C. Born 5-2-1883


Eunice and Walter Gray Eunice W. 12-22-1884


Ethel and Cleveland Matthews Ethel V. Born  10-18-1895



J. V., Parks, Sam & Joe



Edith Logan, Driggs, Bert , Norman, Lawrence, Terrance,Sherman, Kenneth, Evelyn Pennington


Ernestine, Lola Kyte, Mildred Pringle, Malcolm, Grace Johnson, Grover and George, Carroll, Homer Gene, and Leighton


Herman, Etheline, L. W. Lorna King, Lloyd, Dezy Frieda Wall, Jerry, Anna Marie, Cortez and Dale


Herbert, Maggie Gray, Verna Patton, Maud Frizzell and Hugh


Claude, Floyd, Walter, Omar, Jessie Neal, Mattie Neal, Arvil, Homer and Vernon


Pearl Lawson, Frank, Carrie Everett, Vera Everett, Ernest, Wesley, Benton and Denton, Arnold, Martha Clara Blalock, and Jerry.

Scott, Ruth Morrow, Alien Cleo Baker, Ruby Fulghum, Leonard, Inez Moore, Woodrow, Lincoln, Audrey Abbott and Dolly Avans

Felix, Philip, Troy, lone Miller, Ralph, Clarise Hawking, George, Herbert and Joyce Smith

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