FRONT ROW, left to right: Katherine Brown, Janie Radford, Franklin Baker, Dezy Moore, Gilbert Leighton Moore and Bennie Joe Bradford. SECOND ROW, Joanna Massey, — Moore, Imogene Pennington, Novella Gray. Marvin Bradford, Demeree Bradford, H. Gene Moore. THIRD ROW, Lola Moore, teacher, Donald Moore, Maurice McGuffey, (? In shadow), Anna Moore, Lacey Neal behind Anna Moore, James Humphrey, (tall boy), Lamar Moore. The two girls between Marvin and Demeree look familiar, but I can't come up with their names. (Submitted by Lola Moore Kyte, Kingston, TN 37763


I enjoyed this school year very much! It was a wonderful group of boys and girls. All of them have been married and now have families of their own.

They were good to me, and I want to tell them, if any read this book, that I appreciated them very much. I didn’t have the names written down but, I clearly recognize most of them. I can see their eyes and smiles… I won’t make a mistake.

(Submitted by Lola Moore Kyte, Kingston, TN 37763

  1. earleene

    lola when I went to school in Trenton abt 1941-42,you told me we are related,is it throught Thomas moore who married Judith booth earleene gass prevatt

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