It was stark times in America. Dad built this home just before the stock market crashed and the great depression was on. I hope all of you never have to go through the misery of times like those. Many persons had to leave their homes in order to find work. Our family moved to Mount Olive where Dad taught school for two years. Mount Olive was a peaceful and wonderful place to go. One outstanding resident there was “Brother McFarland.” He had been an African missionary who came back to spend the rest of his life in America. He wrote a book, which I have, Crumbs From the Master’s Table.” There is a small cemetery next to the small building where Dad taught. “Dr. Mac” was buried there.

I’ll never forget once when he spent the night at our house in New Salem. He had been out walking in the yard and garden. When he came in he said, “This place is just like The Garden of Eden,” I agreed.

The beautiful morning glories were in full bloom and butterflies were flitting over it all

This home I have been describing is located on North Moore Road in New Salem. Since Mother and Dad died it has had many occupants. Most were not able go keep the house in good condition as it should have been. Things deteriorated and the grounds were allowed to go uncared for.

It is different now. Kim Forester and her husband, Bill, are living at the “old home place” now. Kim is an interior design student finishing her studies for a degree. She has done a beautiful job re-creating the interior of that house. It is so beautiful!

Kim also mows the grass and works with the flowers. She and Bill have plans for a home on the bluff. We have been fortunate to have them in “our” house. I feel it will always be home for all the brothers and sisters to feel welcome to visit there when things open up again. (Submitted by Lola M. Kyte, 303 Kelsay Dr., Kingston, TN 37763.)

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