To begin our story I am going to tell what I know about it from what mother, Effie Street Moore, and Aunt Metta Street McCauley have told me.

Mother told us how her parents met. Martha A. Waddell (Mattie) was twelve years old when a crowd of men came to help her father, William Henry Waddell, take care of his wheat crop. Grandma Street served the meal for all those men. My Grandpa Street, George Washington Street, said when she became grown or older he was going to marry her. He was nineteen at the time.

They got married September 13, 1883.

Grandma Street was born November 2, 1865 and Grandpa Street was born September 18, 1856 and died February 22, 1910.

They lived in Slygo and their children were:

Clara May Street

Clarence Ernest Street

Effie Lee Street

Mona Rhea Street

Melta Pearl Street

Leroy Paul Street

Mother told us how Grandma Street died. They were rendering lard from part of a hog they had killed. There was an open fire and the wind whipped her apron into the flames. Mother was expecting my older brother and my grandmother wouldn’t let her come to her bedroom to see her. My brother was born April 17, 1922 which was four months after grandma died.

I don’t remember seeing my grandmother. Mother said I spent some time with her going in and out just to hear her doorbell ring.

This was something mother never told us — her mother married Mr. H.D. Richardson January 10, 1915 in Dade County Georgia. I found a letter with my mother’s things after she died telling someone she didn’t like Mr. Richardson. There was a story mother told us over and over about a drunk who came by their home one cold night and demanded to come in and lie in front of their fire place. Uncle Ernest had given Grandma a gun after Grandpa died. She raised the gun over his head and shot through a window. He ran and jumped over a fence. The next week Uncle Roy found his false teeth in their garden. We loved that story. It was chilling to hear but when she got to the false teeth it brought lots of laughter. (Submitted by Lola Moore Kyte, 303 Kelsay Dr., Kingston, TN 37763.)

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