William Alec and Margrete Recelia Echols

William Alec and Margrete Recelia Echols


Before I begin writing about Grandpa and Grandma I need to tell you what kind of environment they were lucky enough to live in.

Mr. Charlie Chambers said it so beautifully in his poem, The Verdant Hills of Dade. I’m going to quote a few lines:

“The Sitton’s Gulch is very grand, whose glory cannot fade; In radiant beauty boldly stand The verdant hills of Dade.”

I want to quote the last stanza Mr. Charlie wrote, for I took pictures of many of the tombstones in Hawkins Cemetery.

“These hills to higher aims inspire; They point to realms above; They kindle a holier desire— Arouse our warmest love. In some of these long years age, Our former friends were laid; No better place for the dead to go Than the verdant hills of hills of Dade.”

By C.A. Chambers, Rising Fawn, GA., from the Dade County Times, 1938.

I was young, but I remember Mr. Charlie walking past our home. I wondered how he could walk so far every day. The chambers have been an outstanding family. Mr. Chambers was a great asset to New Salem and so were Miss Nell and Miss Queenie. My mother and dad, Art and Effie Moore, also taught at New Salem. Mother taught at several schools in Dade County – more about my parents later.

This sentence is a quote from History of Dade County Georgia… “Most definitely William Alexander Moore was a leading citizen. I remember when he was superintendent of Sunday School, a teacher, in charge of school system at New Salem and owner of what is now Cloudland Canyon State Park. His descendants make up a great majority of the residents of New Salem at the present time.” I don’t know who contributed those lines… but “Thanks.”

Grandpa Moore was my first Sunday School teacher. I remember the peppermint sticks, cards, and it seems like he gave us bird pictures, the ones which used to come in soda boxes. I remember a few of us would walk home with him after church. (Submitted by Lola Moore Kyte, Kingston, TN 37763.)

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