Tiffany Nicole Dill Byrd

I am Tiffany Nicole Dill Byrd, the daughter of Roy Alien Dill, Jr. b 2-23-1944 Walker Co., GA and Virginia Dale Pennington Dill, b. 4-3-1950 Dade Co., GA My father’s parents are Roy Alien Dill, Sr., b. 1-4-1916, Walker Co., Al. and Nettie Ruth Bledsoe b. 5-20-1924, Walker Co., GA. My mother’s parents are William Hershel Pennington b. 1-8-1917 DeKalb Co., Al. and Evelyn Dawn Moore Pennington B. 10-5-1921 Dade, Co., GA. I was born 8-3-1972 at Memorial Hospital in Hamilton Co., TN. I write this record of history for future generations of my family who may wish to know who I am, and, what my life was like up to this point, at age twenty three. Until I was eighteen, I lived in Walker Co. in LaFayette, GA, spending weekends at New Salem on Lookout Mountain. At age two my Mother and Father divorced. Following close upon my parents divorce my Mother married Larry Edward Scruggs. At age four I came to live in the home of my paternal Grandparents and remained there until the age of 18. After graduating from LaFayette High in 1990, I lived with my mother until I transferred to UGA at age 21. My Mother graduated from Dade Co. High School in 1968. She was recognized as “Most Athletic” by her senior class, co-captain of the cheerleading squad and captain of the basketball team. She has always been very independent, determined, polite, friendly and sincere. Most importantly, as a Mother, she has always respected me and has never forgotten what it was like to be young. My Father has lived his entire life in Walker Co., GA, the only child of Roy and Ruth Dill, Sr. He attended LaFayette High School and Kirkman Technical School. He also served in the National Guard in 1965-67. He has been a certified pilot and has a great love for animals. He has strong protective feelings for his family. After my parents divorce he retained custody of me with my Mother having visitation every weekend. This was highly unusual for the early 1970’s. To compensate for my parents divorce My Grandmother Ruth, out of love, spoiled me terribly as a young girl. Unfortunately being an only child, and spoiled, I was somewhat obnoxious. I was blessed with a good strong Christian family. I attended the Church of the Nazerene in LaFayette with my Grandparents, being saved at age six. I now attend The Assembly of God in Chickamauga, a Pentecostal full gospel church. My Mother took me to all the Disney Movies. These are some of my favorite memories. I also vacationed with Mom and Larry. In 1990 we took a trip to Europe where we visited East and West Germany. We also visited France, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Italy and Austria. We visited Neuschwanstein in Bavaria and the concentration camp at Dachau. We traveled domestically to most of the states in the USA, except the extreme northwest coast. We have also visited Mexico and Canada. As for my education, after graduating from LaFayette High School, I attended Chattanooga State’s Dental assistant program. Due to personal and family problems, I withdrew. The following winter I enrolled at Walker Technical Institute, where I graduated in 1993 with a diploma in Micro-Computers. After completing my work at WTI I continued at Da1 ton College, where I graduated in June of 1994, with an Associate of Applied Science in Business, my GPA was 3.O. In the fall of 1994 I began work toward completing my BA in Journalism in the Public Relations program at UGA. In the fall of 1995, I joined Phi Sigma Pi, a co-ed national honor faternity where I was my pledge class vice president, the following winter quarter I presided as initiation chairman. I was a cheerleader for the LaFayette Rec. Dept., .junior high league football and basketball, and LHS high school wrestling team. I studied Martial Arts for three years during my high school years. In high school, I was on the year book staff for three years; my junior year, the features editor; my senior year, editor-in-chief. I earned the advanced art award both my junior and senior years. I have worked part time since age 16, My jobs have been cashier, office clerk, sales associate, dental assistant and day camp counselor.

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