Thomas Hershel McBryar, born February 20, 1932 in Dade County married Ramona Gail Hendricks who was born April 11, 1932 in Jackson County Alabama.

Thomas is the son of John Herbert McBryar and Alice Annie Dobbins McBryar. Gall’s parents are Holmer Buron Hendricks and Ulis I.B. Scott.

Hershel and Gail are the parents of three sons:

Thomas Lamar, born May 21, 1949 in Jackson County; married Deborah Rice.

Eddie Dewayne, born August 2, 1951 in Dade County near the old Davis High School; married Karen Dawn Pennington.

Rodney (Tony) Lebron, born May 23, 1953; married Regina Pell.

All three daughters-in-laws were born in Dade County. However, at one time the John Herbert McBryar family and the Pennington family lived near each other on Sand Mountain. John and his wife, Alice, named their son Thomas Hershel after their dear friend, William Hershel Pennington. Little did John and Alice realize that one day one of their grandsons (Eddie) would marry the daughter (Karen) of their friend, Hershel Pennington.

The Hershel McBryar family has lived for many years near the old Davis High School (now Davis Elementary and Middle Schools) and continue to 1ive in this same home.

Not only are Hershel and Gail special to their children and grandchildren, but to all who come in contact with them. They now have a place on Weiss Lake and enjoy fishing which is a favorite past time of the entire family. (Submitted by Virginia (Ginger) Pennington Scruggs.)

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