The McGuffey Family

William Houston and Mattie Lee Scoggins McGuffey moved from DeKalb, Texas about 1916 to their home on Bear Creek in New Salem. The McGuffey family lived in the Kensington community in Walker County, Ga. Mattie Lee Scoggins was born in Texas and came here to visit relatives in Summerville, Ga. She met and married Mr. McGuffey during her visit here. After their marriage, they returned to Texas and lived until 1916.

Mattie McGuffey was well known for her quilting and crochet work. Some of her quilts are still owned by family and friends in the New Salem Community.

William Houston McGuffey died in 1927 and Mattie Lee lived until 1953. She made her home with her son John and his family after the death of her husband. In the 1940’s the old home place was sold to Claude and Ella Hise Bradford and is still in their family.

John Gordon McGuffey was born on July 10, 1900. On October 23, 1921 he married Mary Josephone (Fennie) Hise. This was a double wedding ceremony. The other couple was Miss Lora Kilgore and Mr. Walter Bradford.

Mr. and Mrs. John McGuffey bought the Jake Ledford property in New Salem in 1923 and moved there. It was the last house in the New Salem Community if you were traveling the old dirt road toward Ascolon. Mr. McGuffey worked at the Old Durham coalmines supplying support timbers. After the mine closed he farmed and during World War Two worked as a carpenter at several of the camp barrack sites and Oak Ridge, TN. He always had an automobile and during the 1930’s would shop for several families in the neighborhood when he had to make a trip to Chattanooga. He served on the Dade County School Board for 12 years during the 1940’s and 1950’s.

Their children were Shirley, Sybil and Maurice (Mac) McGuffey. Shirley married Harold C. Whaley in 1943 and they had two sons, Harold C. Whaley, Jr. and Gordon Lon Whaley. They were divorced in 1947 and Shirley married Gerald M. Logan in 1953. Their two sons are John Gerald and Carl Scott.

Sybil went to work for Interstate Life Insurance in the mid-1940’s and was sent to Jacksonville, Florida. She married Cecil A. Ward who was born in Jacksonville and they still live there. They have three sons, Owen, Jody Lee, and Mel Gordon, and a daughter, Angel. They all live in Jacksonville.

Maurice married Doris Moore from Chickamauga, Ga. and they had two children. Their daughter, Maura Joan, lives in Sebastain, Florida and son, Steven, lives in Vero Beach, Florida. Maurice is retired from the Army after serving over twenty years.

Mr. McGuffey died on February 26, 1984 and Mrs. McGuffey died December 4, 1987. Both of them are buried in the Coulter Cemetery in the McGuffey plots. It is located in Kensington, GA. Their childred still own the home place.

(Submitted by Virginia (Ginger) Pennington Scruggs, 13257 Hwy-136, Rising Fawn, GA 30738)

  1. This is Owen Ward Sr., son of Cecil and Sybil Ward.

    Our sIster is Angi Arlene Ward, not Angel as listed above. Angi has no children. MY Eldest Brother Glenn Cecil Ward died in October, 1967 in Jacksonville, Florida and was born December 29, 1951.
    My Father Cecil is retired from Florida Coca Cola Bottling Co. after 46 years of service in the Advertising Division.

    I have a son Owen Ward Jr. born August 14, 1990 in Cocoa Beach, Florida. My son is in college living in Jacksonville, Florida and working full-time.

    My Brother Mel Gordon Ward Has two children Adam and daughter Amanda, both are married. Jody Lee Ward my Middle Brother Has Three Children : Jason Lee, Jennifer and Jeffery Ward. Our Mother and Father still reside in Jacksonville, Florida and today is Our Father’s 88th. Birthday!

    Submitted By

    Owen Ward Sr.

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