Mrs Hawkins this was on one of Sue’s disk without the last part. I found the last part in the papers. Do you think we need to add it?

I was born about a mile across the Georgia state line in Dekalb Co., AL at the old Heuce Wooten place, Dec. 5, 1930, about 14 months after the stock market crash in 1929.  Times were hard all through my growing up years. I though it was natural for everybody to be poor.   I remember that my daddy couldn’t find work, and when he could, it was sawmill or farm work.  Sawmill work paid about ten cents an hour and farm work paid fifty cents a day.  My daddy often bought groceries on credit and his employer stood good for them.


One thing the depression did do, it made better neighbors out of everyone.  Many times they would have to borrow from each other to prepare a good meal.  Everything was cheap, but hardly anyone had any money.  Coca Colas and Moon Pies were just a nickel and a loaf of bread was from a five cents to seven cents.  I remember my mother telling us children when we asked for a Coca Cola that she would buy us one when she found a nickel in a pig’s track.


Very few people owned an automobile and the ones that did, didn’t have the money to buy the gas for it.  The economy began to pick up a little after World War II started.  There were more jobs and wages rose a little.  Everything was rationed.  You could get very little gas, automobile tires, sugar, lard, or just about any other household commodity.  Once we managed to buy a battery-powered radio, but all you could hear was news about the war.


My daddy moved around a lot before I was 13 years old, following sawmill work.  It was told on him that he moved around so much that our chickens would walk up and cross their legs, ready to be tied.  Orbie, my dad, after moving about 17 times, finally moved to Dade County in the fall of 1947.  He bought 40 acres of land in the woods and built a house.  I live in the house at the present time. 


 I went to work in 1948 at Peerless Woolen Mill in Rossville, GA earning sixty-five cents an hour. 

In 1950 the Korean War broke out.  I joined the U.S. Army on Dec. 6, 1950.  My basic training was at Camp Brickenridge, KY.  In Korea, I was assigned to the 13th Engineer Combat Battalion Company “B.”  We were attached to the 32nd Infantry Regiment.  Shortly after I arrived, I was appointed Squad Leader and was made Corporal.  In a few weeks I was promoted to Staff Sargent.  I stayed in Korea for 13 months.  In July of 1952, I came back to the States and was reassigned to the 20th Engineers in Karlsrhue, Germany.  After my tour of duty, I came back to Fort Jackson, SC for my discharge on November 14, 1953.  I joined the Army Reserves for two years.


In 1954, I went to work at Wheland Foundry in Chattanooga, TN and also married at that time.  The year 1956, I was laid off from Wheland and went to work at Cromet Inc. and was laid off in 1958.  Later, I bought a junkyard south of Trenton, operated it for a year and sold it.  I then went back to work at Wheland Foundry until September 1970.  I joined Local Union No. 74, United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America.  I retired December 5, 1995 with over 25 years of service.


In 1968, I joined RNMCB 24-Det 1224 Chattanooga and retired on December 5, 1990 with 22 years of service. 

I retired as a construction mechanic First Class while serving with the Seabees.  I had five overseas deployments, Northern Germany, Denmark, Puerto Rico, Panama and Spain.  Most stateside active duty was in Gulfport, MS; Huntsville, AL; Port Wyneme, CA; and San Diego, CA.


I have attended many military schools and went to Kirkman Vocational and Clara Carpenter schools.  I took about three years of business administration under the G.I. Bill.  I am a lifetime member of the VFW Post 499, Dade County.  I have a 21 year membership in the American Legion Post 106, and I am a member of the Sons of the Confederacy, Post 707 in Dade County.  I am also a member of the Vietnam Veterans of America (CVVA) Chapter 203 in Chattanooga, TN.


The following are the children of Brinie 0. Bethune & Betty Hurst:

Vickie Ramona, Born 5/01/1955. Vickie attended Dade County Schools, but graduated at Lakeview in Catoosa County GA. After graduating, she joined the U.S. Army for three years. Vickie has 1 daughter: Rebecca . Born 10/14/1987

(2) Verana Darcel, Born: 5/03/1956, married Jim Barren. Verana attended Dade County Schools, but graduated at Lakeview High School in Catoosa County GA. Verana joined the U.S. Army and served nine years. Verana spent a tour of duty in Germany and Korea. Jim pulled his last tour of duty in Alaska. Jim retired from the U.S. Army. They have 2 children: Slade b. 11/05/86 & Melanie b. 5/13/88.

(3)  Karen Lynn, Born: 9/10/1957, married Brian Shepard Karen graduated from Davis High School in the class of 1975. Karen was very active in High School, she was sel­ected to be in the Society of Distinguished American High School Students.

Attended: Davis High School: Trenton, Ga. (10%-43) F-Ed, ANN; Band RPtR. BC: CPT. CHLDR; CHOR; DRAMA; RPTR, FHA; 4H; HMRM; RPTR. SCHP; SPCHC; RPTR SC; VAR C; Beauty; cl fav; HCT; Honor Prog; MLS; WW; most spirited; Edmonson Bus. Col; Secretarial. Karen also attened West Georgia College.

Karen and Brian have 2 children: Caleb b. 7/21/84 and Kyle b. 9/03/1993.

(4)  Dwight Norman, Born 11/04/1959, Married Teresa Walden, b. 4/10/1963. Dwight attended Dade County Schools. Dwight and his wife, Teresa, reside in the New Home Community. They have 3 children: Britten Dwight Bethune b. 04/ 09/ 1981, Crissy Nicole Bethune, b. 4/11/1984, and Blayton Trevor Bethune, b. 8/21/1993.

(5)  Beverly Jean, born 09/10/1962 married; Carter Hawkins. Beverly graduated from Northwest Georgia High School in Trenton, GA. in the class of 1980. She went one year at Hiawassee College and continued her education after joining the Air Force. She has an Associates Degree as a Para Legal. Beverly spent 8 years in the Air Force and had one tour of duty in England. She served in Desert Storm in the Middle East. She was a Sargeant. Beverlys husband, Carter Hawkins, is an air force officer and an airplane pilot. They have 1 son: Joshua, b. 8/18/1994.

(6)  Onvil Mae, born 6/30/1964, married Larry Moore. Onvil graduated from Northwest Georgia High School in 1982 , Trenton, Ga. Onvil and her husband, Larry reside in the New Home Community in Dade County. They have no children.

Brinie 0. Bethune is presently married to Gayla Michele York, daughter of Ralph W. and Lora York of Sand Mountain.



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