Mrs. Hawkins, this had a note that they would send a picture. I don’t think I have it. I though you might know them and want to check on it.  Alice


Dr. Robert, Lois, Paula, Leslie, D’Arcy and Joel Nuermberger, came to Dade County, Georgia in the summer of 1967 and began their love affair with the South.

“Dr. Bob” was born in Buffalo, NY, 1928, the only child of William and Anne Nuermberger, whose parents had all come from Germany in the late 1800’s. Bob has a BA from Houghton College, Houghton, NY, an M. Div. from Westminster Theological Seminary (’55), and a Ph.D from Michigan State (’67). He has pastored four churches, been a Staff Member with Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship, a Marriage and Family Counselor and does some writing. He taught psychology at Covenant College, (’67-’73) Lookout Mtn., TN. They first lived in the William Raoul house near the College, then for 18 years at Brow Lake in West Brow, GA. For 9 years he and Lois lived in Atlanta, but longing to return “home”, in 1994 they finally settled in Rising Fawn, GA on Cloverdale Road, near the site of Colonel John Nesbitt’s former plantation home built in 1858.

Lois was born 1927 in Venezuela. Her parents, Gustav and Tilly Bostrom were children of Swedish immigrants, graduates of Moody Bible Institute and were missionaries in Venezuela for 45 years. Lois graduated from Barrington College, RI and attended Boston University graduate school. A Nursery and Kindergarten teacher, she taught nutrition courses, and is an accomplished Decorative painter.

Paula (b. Chicago 1956) graduated from Covenant College, taught at several schools, including Chart. School of Arts and Sciences, and is a tutor for GPS and McCallie. She married Michael Wood, of Roanoke, VA, a graduate of Bryan College, Dayton, TN, now Director of the Summer Sports Camp at McCallie School, Chattanooga. They have Margaret (’90) and Grey (’96).

Leslie (b. Albany, NY,’58), taught Kindergarten in Trenton (’80-’83). She married Eric Clarke, originally from Newport, RI, a graduate of Bryan College with a Masters from East Tennessee State. He is a physician. They have Allison (’87), Anders (’91) and Carter (’93) with another due in March, 1997.

D’Arcy (Albany, NY, ’60), graduated from Covenant College, taught school in Anniston, AL. She married Frank Hughes, now with Pioneer Bank, a Major in the Marine Reserves and CO of the Chattanooga Mike Battery. His father, Nat, former Headmaster of GPS, is a Civil War historian and author with roots in Dade County. D’Arcy and Frank have Kelsey (’88), Nathan (’89) and Mary (’93).

Joel, although born in Lansing MI in 1966, claims that at 11 months of age he high­tailed it South as soon as he realized the mistake in birthplace! He attended Covenant College and the University of Georgia, is a rock climber, camper and guitarist-composer, and now enthusiastically works for Glassic Composites, Sale Creek, TN building experimental aircraft.

  1. Louise Little

    Hi Bob and Lois, I was thinking of you and our times together in the Albany area in the late 50’s. I am retired in Newark DE , having spent most of my career on the U. Delaware faculty in nutrition. I would love to hear from you.

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