Allison, H. K. family

I sent better copies of our family photos earlier. These are so you will know which one goes with which story.


I have not found the story or the picture for H. K. Allison family.

1. The H. K. Allison family, about 1913, has Grandpa Hiram Smith, Laura Smith Allison & H.K. Allison seated at center. On the back row are Auston & Pearl A. Swanson, Ina A. Barksdale, Mary Leta A. Austin, Fletcher & Will Allison, Grace A. & Jim Nethery, Lois Allison. Seated on the front are grandchildren (except for Gladys & Cecil): Hugh Austin, Allison & Ruth Barksdale, Jimmie Austin, Ara Barksdale holding Kelso Austin, Gladys & Cecil Allison.

I have these two but the story was summated by Steve Dwyer, so I think that means we are missing another story and 2 pictures.

2. Rebecca Forester (Mrs. Hiram Smith)

3. Rogena Smith (daughter of Hiram & Rebecca Forester Smith)

Georgia Austin is fine

4. Georgia Prickett Austin (1858-1890)

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