A parade was held through Trenton and past the courthouse Friday morning to open the fair. Every school was represented in addition to the Girl Scouts and the F.H.A. girls. About 1250 marched.


North Dade was awarded first prize on its float, driven by “Uncle Sam” and with the Statue of Liberty and children wearing hats and dramatizing the various freedoms. A second float was a P.T.A. car with children dressed as those of other nations. The school band was also in uniform.


A close second went to the Davis High and Elementary. The float had a big sign reading “Land of the Free” with an elephant and a donkey riding, representing the parties in the coming election. The cheerleaders marched with Milton Ivy, who was dressed in a football uniform.


Rising Fawn took third with a fire and forestry protection float.


The New Salem children carried red, white and blue streamers.


The judges for the parade were U.S. Congressman Henderson Lanham, Dade County Ordinary A.W. Peck and Mrs. Peck, Supt. Of Schools Roy W. Moore, and Dade County Times publisher Mrs. Catherine Morison. An estimated 300 spectators watched the parade.  (Used by permission History of Dade County Georgia, Retired Senior Volunteer Program, 198.)

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