Martin and Valeria (Val) Krantz Nethery

Martin and Val Nethery 12-13-1943

Martin and Val Nethery 12-13-1943

Martin Nethery Family: Patricia, Kieran, Dana, Michael, Val and Martin

Martin Nethery Family: Patricia, Kieran, Dana, Michael, Val and Martin

Martin (DOB July 27, 1920) Trenton, Ga.

Val DOB September 7, 1919.

Married in Fort Richardson, Alaska. December 13, 1943.

Children: Michael James Nethery, born April 10, 1945, Great Falls, Montana. Died March 11, 1999. Retired as Lt. Colonel USAF Served in Vietnam. Buried in Trenton in Lake Hills. Michael married Carol Gemmill in New Jersey.   They had two sons: Robin Gemmill Nethery, born in Scotland, and Christopher Michael Nethery. Robin married Clare Nelson Has three children: Liam born April 4, 2000. Tristan Grace born July 25, 2002. Rowan born January 29, 2007 all born in Mississippi.

Michael and Carol Divorced and Michael married Jacqueline Gable. They had two girls: Allison Elizabeth Nethery Jan 5, 1985, and Caitlan Patricia Nethery. DOB May 21, 1986. Caitlan and Homer Bowers have one son, Michael Logan DOB December 22, 2006.

Patricia Kay Nethery DOB March 25, 1947, Oakland, California, married Jesse Paul Connell. They had three children: Catherine Elizabeth DOB March 25, 1970 Jonathan Paul, DOB August 2, 1972, Erin Patricia dob April 17, 1974.

Catherine married Seth Moody. They had two children: Samuel and Jane Abigail Moody. Samuel was born July 10, 1995. Jane DOB April 5, 1998. Both born in Wilmington, N. C. Catherine and Seth divorced

Jonathan married Brenda Jungkeit in California. They have three children: Jackson Paul DOB February 28, 2002, Silas Dwight DOB January 23, 2004, Addison Lee (daughter) DOB Aug 1, 2007.

Erin married Anthony Gabbert at Our Lady of the Mount Catholic Church, Lookout Mtn., Ga. They have one child: John Anthony DOB 8-23-2005.

Patricia and Jesse divorced. Patricia married Alan Yates. They had one son: William Franklin Nethery Yates. DOB June 1, 1983 Patricia and Alan divorced. Patricia married Anthony Emanuel.

Dana Allison Nethery DOB January 23, 1949.Married Kenneth Dale Davis. No children. Kenneth Davis died in May, 2007.

Kieran Paul Nethery DOB July I, 1952, Married Carolyn Jo Rogers. They have one son: Martin Allison Nethery II DOB April 26, 1971.   Martin (Matt) married Dana Marie Gifford in Rising Fawn, Georgia. They have two sons: Matthew Bryce Nethery DOB May 18, 1999 and Mattox Brayden Nethery DOB October 16, 2003.

Martin & Val Nethery Trenton GA 30752-0634

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