moore-rollie-claudeRollie Claude Mooremoore-ollie-maude

Rollie Claude Moore was born 8-5-1919 to Walter J. and Fannie Gray Moore.  He married 1. Joan Sparks from England. They met and married while Rollie was stationed there during World War II. Their son Rollie Claude Moore, Jr. was born 10-11-1947. Joan went to England for a visit and never returned.

Rollie then married 2. Mary Rose Cook born 8-28-1934 on 11-7-1953. Their children are: 1. Claudia Rose born 8-18-1954 married 9-12-1974 to Charles Franklin Pridgen. Claudia and Charles have two children, Charles, Jr. born 12-30-1976 and Tiffany Gayle born 12-20-1979, and 2. Ola Gayle Moore born 3-31-1956 who had one daughter April Lynn born 1-21-1981, and 3. Walter Jackson born 10-27-1957 married Gail Hester on April 14, 1957.

Claudia, Charles and children make their home at New Salem. She works for the Bank of Dade.

Walter Jackson is self-employed/owner operator of a trucking company.

Rollie and Mary Rose have resided at New Salem for several years. In addition to the military, he worked as a security guard in Summerville, Ga. He is in a nursing facility in Fort Oglethorpe, Ga.

Ollie Maude Moore Parks

Ollie Maude Moore was born 8-5-1919 to Walter J. Moore and Fannie Gray Moore.  She married Charles Glen Reynolds in 1940. Their children are:

1. Robert (Bob) Glen Reynolds born 6-19-1941. Bob married Darlene Croft. They are the parents of three children: 1. Robert, Jr., 2. Sherry Lynn, 3. Donald Reynolds. Bob married 2. Louise Humby. They have one daughter Sonya Maudette Reynolds born 2-27-1968. He married the third time to Kathy. She had three children by a previous marriage, Pam, Trudy and Harey.

2. Charles Lester (Pug) Reynolds born 12-19-1943 married Jean Yates. Pug and Jean had two children. 1. Bonnie Jean Yates born 12-19-1962. Bonnie Jean married Cash Wilson. They had one son Aaron Wilson. 2. Charles Lester Reynolds, Jr.

Ollie married (2) Ray Parks.


Written by Jo Ann Moore Roach

  1. Bonnie J Reynolds

    Can you tell me if you are still making corrections to this information? If so, I would like to submit corrections under Ollie Maude Moore Parks… I am her grand-daughter and several of the entries need corrections… Thanks for all you have done… Bonnie Jean Reynolds

  2. Bonnie J Reynolds

    I would like to make the following corrections to Ollie Maude Moore:

    Robert (Bob) Glen Reynolds married a third time to Kathy… her three children by a previous marriage were- Pam, Trudy, and Harvey (not Harey).

    Charles Lester (Pug) Reynolds was born on 12-09-1943 (not 12-19-1943)… Married to Velma Jean Yates (born 06-06-1943) on 12-17-1961… Their first child is 1. Bonnie Jean Reynolds (not Bonnie Jean Yates) born 12-19-1962… Bonnie married Felix Cash Wilson, Jr. on 4-18-1980… Their children are as follows:
    1. Aaron Casey born 3-28-1987. Aaron married Shelley Hansen on 07-25-2010.
    2. Brett Alexander (Alex) born 06-18-1990.

    They also have a child, Brandon Scott born stillborn 12-19-1985 buried in Crown Hill Cemetery in Albany, Ga.

  3. sherry reynolds

    just wanted to say i am ollies granddaughter sherry reynolds daughter of robert reynolds and its great to finally find some in fo thanks i have been trying to start my family tree i have a daughter amber reynolds and a son kevin reynolds and a grandson anthony reynolds this is a good start

  4. sherry nester

    I have been looking for April daughter of Ola my name is sherry could someone help me find her I think she might be my sister. Please find me Sherry Nester on facebook or contact me through my e-mail

  5. verenicehawkins

    Try Claudia Pridgen on facebook. She is Ola Moore’s sister. April is married and I don’t know her last name now.

  6. sherry nester


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