John Amoss from N.C. was born 1778, I don’t know who his wife was. They had a family which included; John F. (1806-1892) from TN., married Eliza Ann Cobb (1816-?), and Elizabeth (1817-?); married Hugh Rogers (1823-?).

John F. and Eliza Ann had a large family including: Madison F. (1834-1862), Eglantine (1837-?), Elbert Dorom (1839-1910) married Sarah E Guinn (1843-1926), Mary Amanda (1841-?), Sarah E. (1842-?), Eliza J (Tine or Sis) (1844-?) married Ceolinder Forester (1840-?), Archibald (1846-?), William B (1848-?), Emily Elizabeth (1851-?), Isabel Sarah (1852-?), Martha (1856-?) married Robert B. McKaig (1856-?), Julia E (1859-?).

Madison F. fought in the 21st reg. Company H., Georgia Volunteers from Dade County. He was wounded in the Battle of Cold Harbor Virginia and died less then a month later in Richmond.

Martha’s husband, Robert B McKaig was the son of Emiline Gouger and Hugh Mckaig, grand son of Elizabeth Sullinger & Francis McKaig of Dade County and Betsy & William J Gouger of Running Water, TN. Martha and Robert B. had one child that I know about, a girl named Mollie Mckaig. Robert was a photographer and had a studio in Chattanooga.

Elbert Dorom’s wife, Sarah E. Guinn (1843-1926) was the daughter of Eveline McKaig and Covington Conova Guinn, the grand daughter of Elizabeth Sullinger & Francis Mckaig and John & Sara Guinn all of Dade County. Sarah’s siblings included Mary Evalina (1845-?), John Byron (1846-1862), Elizabeth Jane, Francis Solon (1849-?), Julia (1852-?), Minerva (1854-?), Linnda M. (1856-?), Jesse B. (1857-?), Charles A. (1859-?), Lorrah L. (1861-?) married John Slatton, Flaviva N (1864-?), Gustavus J. (1867-?), Virgil P. (1869-?).

Sarah E. and Elbert Dorom’s children included: John Collingsworth (1866-1894), William Cicero (1869-1956) married Mary Lou Black (1863-1929), Flora Alice (1870-1915) married a Forester, Sidney Burns (1872-1953) married Susan Louise (Lula) Mason (1873-1928), twins (1874-?), one child (1875-?), Ella Ophelia (1885-?)

Elbert served in the Confederate Army.

Sidney and Lula’s children included: Spencer Grady (1899-1938), Ruby Iris (1902-?), Sarah Hazel Elizabeth (1910-?).

William Cicero was known as Uncle Bill Amos to most of the county. Bill and Mary Lou’s children were: Twins born and died in 1892, Eddie Burns Dorum (1892-1971), Hester Alice (1895-1961), Willie Guinn (1897-1976), twin boys Robert Chester (1898-1975), James Lester (1898-1972)

Written by Alice McKaig New Salem, GA.

  1. s j wright

    I copied John F & Eliza Cobb Amoss’ bible in the 1960’s — My ggma was their daughter Belle (Harriet Isabel).

  2. s j wright

    Oh, Julia Elizabeth was not John & Eliza’s daughter, she was their granddaughter who was raised by them after her father, Madison, was lost in the war.

  3. martin lee guinn

    im a guinn my dady is a guinn martin lee guinn born 8-17-79 my dady born 8-2-49 william h guinn n his dady was lr guinn hopr this helps some

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