The Lions Club was organized August 14, 1934.


Charter members deceased are: H.F. Allison, L.M. Allison, Sr., L.A. Baker, W.H. Brock, Early Ellis, Graham Hale, T.J. Houts, W.H. Kenimer, A.C. Killian, N.N. Lawrence, J.E. McDaniels, Frank Morrison, Hoyt Phillips, J.M.C. Townsend.


Charter members and past Presidents living are: A.L. Dyer, J.L. Fricks, Elbert Forester, H.G. Baker, F.C. Beatty, Payne Hale, Lewis McBryar, N.E. Potter.


Those who have served as Presidents are: A.L. Dyer 1934-1935, H.F. Allison 1936-1937, L.M. Allison, Sr., 1937-1938, J.L. Fricks, 1938-1939, Elbert Forester, 1939-1940, D.C. Peterson 1940-1941, H.G. Baker 1941-1942, W.F. Morrison, 1942-1943, J.M. Carroll 1943-1944, T.S. Renfroe 1944-1945, A.L. Dyer 1945-1946, D.E. Morrison, 1946-1947, M.J. Hale 1947-1948, J.A. Case 1948-1949, C.E. Kyzer 1949-1950, J.C. Herman 1950-1951, J.C. Billue 1951-1952, J.E. Morrison 1952-1953, W. D. Pullen 1954-1955, M.A. Nethery 1955-1956, James N. Case 1956-1957, W.E. Smith 1957-1958, L.C. Adams 1958-1959, Aubrey L. Dyer 1959-1960, John Tatum 1950-1961, Elmer Oliver 1961-1962, J.B. Geddie 1962-1963, F.R. Thompson 1962-1963, nelson Gothard 1963-1964, J.V. Jenkins 1965-1966, W.R. Tatum 1967-1968, Dan Hall 1968-1968, E.F. Wilkie 1968-1969, John M. Garrett 1969-1970, Lamar Moore 1970-1971, William Emerson 1971-1972, Dexter Stanphil 1972-1973, Lewis Whited 1973-1074 and Benny Gaddis 1974-1975.(Usec by permission, HISTORY OF DADE COUNTY GEORGIA, Retired Senior Volunteer Program, 1981.)

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