The Methodist church of Rising Fawn was organized soon after the close of the Civil War, but the exact place and date is not known. Around 1880, Solomon Cross built a large, square, three story brick building in the center of Rising Fawn. The second story, which was the ground floor for the public road, became Rising Fawn Methodist Episcopal Church South, as it was called then. The top floor was occupied by the Masonic Lodge, while the basement was used for a doctor’s officer and medical supplies, and later a school. This building burned in 1925. Plans for a new church were begun immediately.


Samuel W. Woodin donated a large lot between his home and the Methodist parsonage, and a new church was erected by the citizens of Rising Fawn, with the assistance of friends, and of the county at large. It was completed a year later. In 1927 it was dedicated at an all day service. In the meantime, the Rising Fawn School Building was used for Sunday School and church. E. R. Lewis was pastor when the new church was begun; A. S. Ulm was pastor when it was completed. The original building committee was composed of E. M. Allison, J. L. White and L. M. Allison. Later C. W. Chadwick, Asa A. McMahan and others were added.


During the century approximately 38 pastors have served this church. Two Bishops, Roy H. Short, and H. Ellis Finer, have officiated at special Rituals.


John M. Cantrell, a leading figure in the community and church until his death in 1920, served as Sunday School Superintendent for 35 years. Mrs. Virginia Park Fricks, widow of Dr. A. T. Fricks and mother of Dr. L. D. Fricks, was known throughout Holston Conference as the “Mother of the Church” and one of its motivating forces. There were other dedicated men and women who also made their permanent contributions to the growth of this church. Their devoted service is evidenced in the many beautiful memorial gifts throughtout the Sanctuary. (Used by permission HISTORY OF DADE COUNTY GEORGIA, Retired Senior Volunteer Program, 1981.)

  1. John Guy

    My grandfather, James T. Guy, was a Methodist circuit preacher around 1900. One of the churches on his circuit was a Methodist church in Rising Fawn. He met and later married Julia Ann Riordan from Rising Fawn. Any information about either would be appreciated.

    Thank you,


  2. See also comments on White’s Chapel United Methodist Church in Southlake, Texas . Founded by settlers from Rising Fawn in 1871 by Austin Family and 40 Charter Members. Church now has 12,000 members.

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