And the Dade High School Four Square Club

Hettie B. Hubble, was a dear friend and class-mate. Hettie and I were both members of a Four Square Club that was formed at Dade County High while I was there.

Our Motto was: 1.) “There’s a four square club at Dade High; 2.) We are a club that will never say die; 3.) All are workers, none are shirkers; 4.) We all do our very best to try; 5.) Conduct and loyalty; 6.) Scholarship and honesty; 7.) Are the four squares that make our club ideal you see.”

These words were set to music and we formed a circle and sang them at each meeting. We met once a month and since I had no way to get to the meetings at night, I was invited to spend the night at Mrs. Hubble’s home.

The others in this photo are from left to right Hettie, Dillard Copeland, Hettie’s husband, deceased. Her sister is next and then her brother Aaron. Hettie B. Hubble was a wonderful seamstress. She helped me in math and I studied biology and English with her. We studied in a closed off corner of the auditorium.

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