The Painter Family

Andrew J. Painter left Fannin County Georgia with his brother, William Madison and came into Walker County, Georgia around 1896. They were in Kensington working in the mines at Pigeon Mountain. Some way, William came across a pretty lass named Vesta Lorena Hise. They were married November 28, 1897. Andrew, William and Vesta left and went into DeKalb, Alabama to work in the Battel mines. William went to work for the railroad and Andrew in the mines. He met and courted Bettie Warren. On August 26, 1898, they were married at the Dade County Courthouse.

Bettie and Andrew bought land in Dade County on top of Lookout Mountain and built a home. There, they farmed and reared their family. Homer was born September 21, 1899, Robert born Januarys, 1902, George Russell born March 25, 1904. He was Andrew’s birthday gift since he (Andrew) was celebrating his 3rd year on the same day. Fourth child was Walter born July 25, 1906, Horace born November 1909 and at last, a daughter named Stella born November 17, 1911.

Andrew and Bettie had sheep, cows, horses, pigs and chickens on the farm, also a garden. Our Grandmother canned fruits, meats and vegetables for the winter months also made feather pillows and warm, soft feather mattresses. And lets not forget the fresh churned butted!

William Barney Painter, Andrew’s father was born in Rutherford County, North Carolina, September 2, 1845, to James Madison and Cynthis E. Gee Painter. Madison brought his family into Fannin County Georgia around 1855. Barney married Eliza Maragret Louisa Jane Edmondson after he was discharge from service of the Civil war. Andrew and William had four more brother and three sisters at home. One sister, Martha, married Oscar Waters. Martha (called Carrie) and her husband visited Andrew. While there, their son died. He is buried in the Johnson Cemetery and the stone reads Waters 1903-1910.

Barney died in Lumpkin County, Georgia January 27, 1913. Andrew went back to see his Mother and visit his brothers and sisters. Louisa died December 25, 1927 in Hall County, GA they are buried in the Nimblewill Cemetery in Lumpkin County, GA.

The Dade County newspaper stated that spring plowing and planting was late due to the weather. Andrew was plowing and the handle broke on the plow. He only had a little left to plow so instead of stopping to fix another handle, he continued. The plow hit him in the stomach and he died three days later on April 27, 1914. He is buried at Little River Cemetery in DeKalb County, Alabama.

Bettie married three years later June 20, 1917 to Samuel Roy Day, son of Bejamin and Mary Elizabeth Day. He helped rear all six children and the two, Roy, Jr., and Jesse, that they had. They all loved and respected him, including the grandchildren. Sam died in Catoosa County, GA, March 21, 1972. Bettie died in Catoosa County GA. on August 3, 1975. They are buried at Grand Center Cemetery in Walker County, Georgia.

We did not know our Grandfather Andrew, but in talking to people on the mountain they said he was a kind person and would go out of his way to help you. Our father, George Russell, was ten years old and did not remember much about him, but said he thought he died from his appendix and if they had modern medicine he would not have died so young. But Andrew has left a large family to carry on the Painter name.

I was told that I was named after my Grandmother Bettie. But after finding out her name, I am not sure of this. Her name was Manerva Rebecca Elizabeth Warren, daughter of Wlliam Taylor L. Warren and Mary Ann Carpenter Warren. I accept the Betty.

Research By;

Charles LeRoy Painter

William Russell Painter

Betty Painter Corliss

Children of George Russell and Mary Louise Long Painter

  1. Louise

    My greatgreat aunt Emma Clarisse Sissom married James Madison Painter.I loved reading this story .Thanks for sharing with all.

  2. Louise

    question was any of Barney’s girls married to a sisum

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