Crystal Dawn Pennington Armenta

Cristy, b.2-15-1972 Catoosa Co. GA is the second child of (Peck) James William Pennington and Judith (Judy) Elaine Lumpkin Pennington. Cristy was a very rambunctious child, and she could climb to the top of the refrigerator at age eighteen months. Before Cristy was two, Judy had to put a latch at the very top of her door to keep it locked, and Cristy inside. This did nothing to deter Cristy. She would take the broom handle and push it against the lock until it opened in order to get outside. She required constant watching because she was so busy and always into something. A few times at around age two, Cristy sneaked out of the house and peddled her tricycle several hundred yards down the road to her Great, Great Aunt Effie and Great Uncle Art’s house. A general rough neck, she could out run and out fight most of her cousins. Fortunately it wasn’t Cristy’s nature to bully. Cristy was a very adventurous girl, and she often enjoyed making clubs to play in. She and cousins, Jeff and Jamie McBryar; built an elaborate system of trails in the adjoining hollows to ride their motorcycles and four wheelers. Cristy has said that some of her fondest childhood memories are of all the adventures she experienced with her cousins and her Aunts; Ginger, and Karen.

Growing up, Cristy was much like her father and shared many of the same interests. At an early age Peck taught Cristy about scouting for deer, hunting, how to shoot a bow and arrow, and even some basic welding. While on a hunting trip to South Georgia, Cristy, at age fourteen, killed her first deer. For that accomplishment, her father Peck rewarded her by giving her his 30/06 742 carbine rifle, the rifle he had used to kill over 25 deer. Cristy became very proficient with her crossbow, often competing as an adult, and taking top honors at the archer’s competition. Cristy had several health problems when she was young, one being allergies another, ear infections. She took all the doctor appointments and shots with a grain of salt and kept going.

Cristy attended NWGA High School, where she was an excellent softball player and all around athletic. She graduated in 1990 and soon after Joined the US Army. Cristy attended school at Fort Sam Houston in Texas where she was trained for Emergency Medicine. From there she was stationed at Fort Buchanan in Puerto Rico for just over two years, working in a small health clinic. Her hobbies while in Puerto Rico mostly included Scuba Diving and year round softball. Cristy was accepted to participate in the army flight school program in Alabama, but due to a health problem deferred her training there. After leaving Puerto Pico, she transferred to Fort Polk, Louisiana. There she was assigned to 115th Field Hospital, rotating in and out of the Emergency Room. It was here that Cristy met Frank Armenta b 10-4-1964 Phoenix Az. Frank is a career army man with twelve years service, and he is currently ranked E-5 sergeant. They were married while at home on leave in December 1995 in Dade County, GA. Cristy says she realized it was true love during an emergency room procedure in which she and Frank were both assisting. Cristy also said the fact that Frank has incredible athletic talent, and named post MVP, didn’t hurt his chances any. Cristy and Frank have a beautiful baby girl. Macy Danielle Armenta was b 3-3-1996, weighing 9 lbs and 4 ozs. Cristy ended her tour of duty on May 5, 1996 and will have had four and a half years service with the rant of E-4 sergeant. Frank is a career soldier and plans on retiring in eight more years. Cristy will remain in Louisiana with Frank and Macy where she will attend college pursuing a degree in nursing. After retirement Cristy and Frank “plan” on living in Georgia. Submitted by Virginia (Ginger) Pennington Scruggs 13257 Hwy 136 Rising Fawn


Seated: Jeremy and Judy Pennington. Standing: Barsara?, Peck and Cristy

Seated: Jeremy and Judy Pennington. Standing: Barbara?, Peck and Cristy

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