Edgar Felton Moore, best known as Felt, was born February 13, 1881 on Lookout Mountain in the Durham community. He was the second son of John Jefferson Moore (June 19, 1841-March 16, 1931) and Mary Catherine Jay (August 13, 1844-January 9, 1921).

John J. Moore (Felt’s father) is believed to be the youngest son of Charles F. Moore and Nancy Ann White. Charles and Nancy were married in Surry Ct, NC on December 20, 1818 then moved to Walker County (Lookout Mountain) circa 1835. Charles and Nancy Ann had nine children:

Eliza Williams Moore, b. 12/16/1820 in NC

Ira R. Moore, b. 10/22/1822 in NC, m. Judson Ann

Elizabeth Moore, b. 8/1/1825 in NC

James Madison Moore, b. 12/28/1827 in NC, m. Elizabeth A. Moore, d. 7/25/1906 in

GA and buried in Chickamauga Cemetery

Etha Ann Moore, b. 10/24/1829 in NC, d.1910 in GA and buried in Chickamauga


Gabriel Moore, b. 6/14/1831 in NC Charles Augustus Moore, b. 3/26/1833 in NC Mary Ann Moore, B. 9/16/1836 in GA John Jefferson Moore, b. 6/19/1841 in “Moore Holler” on Lookout Mountain, d.

3/16/1931 in GA and buried in Chickamauga Cemetery

Charles F. and Nancy Ann are buried in Mt. Pleasant Cemetery in Ascalon on Lookout Mountain.

Mary Catherine Jay (Felt’s mother) was born August 31, 1844 in Walker County, GA. She was the fifth often children born to David W. Jay (October 7, 1812-March 5, 1833) and Elizabeth (August 11, 1816-April 6, 1.904). They were born in Warren County TN, were married there and moved to northeast GA shortly after their marriage. They moved to Lafayette in Walker County “the latter part of the war” (referring to the Civil War). Their children were:

William M., b. 7/1836

Sary Ann, b. 5/8/1838

James B., b. 8/6/1840, d. 2/13/1878

Elizabeth Jain, b. 6/11/1842

Mary Catherine, b. 8/31/1844, d. 1/9/1921

Eliza, b. 12/3/1846

David W., b. 3/4/1849

Martha Caroline, b. 10/5/1852

John Ampers, b. 6/30/1854, d. 10/6/1856

George Kellog, b. 11/11/1857

John J. Moore was a farmer. He and Mary Catherine Jay were married “at the bride’s father’s home” in Walker County, GA by Dr. D. C. Farriss. They had three sons:

Judson Leander, b. 1/9/1880, never married, d. 6/4/1967 and buried in Chickamauga Cemetery. Edgar Felton, b. 2/13/1881, married Rebecca Elizabeth (Doogan) Dugan 8/31/1902, d.

1/2/1975 Robert Haygood, b.3/10/1882, d.12/1/1884 and buried in Mt. Pleasant Cemetery

Thus, the only descendants of John and Mary Catherine are through Edgar Felton’s marriage to Rebecca Elizabeth Dugan. John and Mary Catherine are buried in Chickamauga Cemetery.

Rebecca Elizabeth (Doogan) Dugan, best known as Bessie, was the daughter of Billy Doogan and Lenora “Nora” Hixon. She had two sisters: Luverna, who married Polk Cole of Slygo and Ethel, who married into the Hughes family. Bessie was born in the Durham community.

Felt and Bessie were married on. August 31, 1902 and moved to Slygo circa 1916-1917. Leon Lincoln “Red” Moore, born 2/12/17, was the first child born in the house Felt and Bessie built on their farm on Slygo Road. Altogether, they had eight children:

Jessie Louise, dau., b.3/20/03, m. Martin Benson Street, d. 8/25/63

William “Willie” Jefferson, dau., b. 8/28/06, m. Ernest Graham, d. 7/7/87

Edgar Leander, son, b. 9/17/07, m. Eura Daniels, d. 3/21/87

Bruce Felton, son, b. 5/23/12, m. Elsie, living in La Puente, California

Leon Lincoln “Red”, son, b. 2/12/17, m. Hazel Patterson, d. 4/5/89

Lenora Katherine, dau., b. 11/17/19, m. Lawrence Dugan, living in Rossville, GA

Evelyn Judson, dau., b. 11/7/23, m. Alvin Reeves, living in Slygo Valley

Clara Opal, dau., b. 2/2/26, m. Benton Patterson, living in Slygo Valley died June 1, 2006

Bessie Moore was a quiet homemaker while Felt (affectionately known by many as “Uncle Felt”) rarely missed a Saturday night square dance. The Moores celebrated their 72nd wedding anniversary at their home in Slygo. Both lived long lives and each died quietly at their home in Slygo.

The descendants of Felt and Bessie began a family reunion in the mid-1980’s. The group now not only includes descendants of John and Felt’s Moore line, but also of Ira and Charles Augustus (children of Charles F. and Nancy Ann and brothers of John).

Prepared by Gail Moore Hedden, September 1996 Sources: Family Bibles and Newspaper Articles

Bessie died May 10, 1984

Daddy died Jan 2, 1975



Seated, Felt and Bessie Moore and their children standing from left to right: Evelyn Reeves, Bruce Moore, Katherine Dugan, Red Moore, Willie Graham, Clara Opal Patterson, Edgar Moore and Jessie Street.

  1. is Eura Daniels part of this family? She was my aunt (my mother’s sister) and was married to Uncle Edgar (he also really loved square dancing) – I remember this as a child.

  2. earleene

    was edgar moore related to Thomas moore who married Judith booth,has daughter sarah moore who married davis & Daniel

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