The first combination church and school attended by the residents of Morganville and surrounding area was a Sarah’s chapel. The land was given by the McCollum family. The land on the hill for the M. E. South was given in the 1870’s by Reuel Ashbury Morgan. Later the school at Sarah’s Chapel was also transferred to this building.


In 1987 land at the foot of the hill was given by William Tittle (son-in-law of Reuel A. Morgan) for the erection of a new M. E. Church South. This church building, which bell, was finished in 1898 and was dedicated by Dr. Monk, Pastor of the Centenary Church.


This church thrived; it was attended by the residents in and around Morganville and many from Wildwood and Slygo. It had a fine Epworth League and Sunday School.


About 1936, the church referred to above was torn down and a new M. E. church South and parsonage were erected on land given by Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Wells. The bell from the old building was transferred to the new building. This church has a reputation for its dedicated membership. (Used by permission HISTORY OF DADE COUNTY GEORGIA, Retired Senior Volunteer Program.)

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