The New Home Community Store was founded by Mrs. Laura Haynes in 1953 and is located at the intersection of New Home Road and Leiderman Road.

The store had only one gas pump at the time. A room was added to the side for feed for livestock and storage for empty drink bottles; living quarters were in the back o building.

In 1956, Mrs. Haynes leased the store to Marion Garner and his wife, Clara. Due to her illness, she later sold the store to the Garners. Another gas pump and a kerosene pump were added to the business and the store was enlarged.

In 1969, the store was sold to Mr. and Mrs. John Graham who built their home nearby. In May of 1974 the store was sold to Mrs. Joyce Grant who operated it until 1979. She then sold the store to the Burks who later sold it “Bud” Wilburn York. At that time the name was changed to York’s Store #2.

Lemar McBryar bought the store in June 1996 and the name was changed to New Home Community Grocery. Since then, Mr. McBryar has made several improvements to the store by adding a cafe, putting in walk-in coolers and a movie rental room. He has really given the place a general face-lift.

Everything is offered for sale in the store from groceries, cigarettes and gas to plumbing supplies. If they don’t have what is needed, they will try to get it for their customers. The cafe features pizza, hamburgers, bar-b-que and other delicious food prepared daily by Mrs. Jennie.

Lemar tries to keep the store in the best condition and works to create a quiet family atmosphere. The store has been through a lot of changes and Lemar continues to make improvements on a regular basis. So, if you live in the New Home Community or are just passing through, stop in and take a look. You will be welcomed. (Submitted by Clare Garner and Lemar McBryar staff.)

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