New Salem and the entire area will always be grateful for Miss Fannie Mennan. There is something else that needs to be added to the Plum Nelly story. Before the community effort got in full swing, it would meet at some location in New Salem. When Miss Mennan broke her leg, they moved the festival to her cabin on the bluff so it would be easier on her. After Miss Mennan closed it at her place, the festival continued to go on across the road from the New Salem Methodist Church on Hwy 136. It is a huge festival that is always held on the second weekend of October. People from all over the mountain and valleys set up booths and it is just a wonderful endeavor for all involved.


We always have our Art and Effie Moore reunion at that time and everyone takes time out to go to the Mountain Festival at sometime during the weekend.

  1. Tim McKaig

    I was just a kid but I remember this festival was so popular that traffic was heavy when it was going on. People said they called it “Plum Nelly” because it plum out of Tennessee and nelly into Alabama (or visa versa, I don’t remember which).

  2. verenicehawkins

    It was plum out of Tennessee and Nelly out of Georgia. The Dade History Book has been published and is on sale at both banks in Trenton. It has lots about Mckaigs in it.

  3. s j wright

    I went to the festival as a reward when I did well in grammar school – so busy, met Miss Fannie with her leg up on a stool, and was given one of her water colors (of a stalk of corn)

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