Samuel Keefe was born March 6, 1867 and died May 5, 1928. Samuel and Sarah Dugan Keefe were married May 5, 1887. They are pictured above on their wedding day. The picture was taken at the Patten Hotel in Chattanooga, .Tennessee. Sarah is James and Martha Hughes Dugan’s fourth child. When Sarah was little, she would go around carrying a paper sack. If she couldn’t find a sack, she would ask for one, so they started calling her “Sack” and “Sallie.” Samuel and Sarah had ten children. They were Nancy Elizabeth (Lizzie) born February 17, 1888 and died March 1, 1978; Frances Cleveland (Cleve) born September 18, 1890, died February 14, 1973; Cleve was an industrial worked with Chattanooga Medicine Company; Pearl was born on May 31, 1894 and deceased March 17,1978; Pearl retired from the U. S. Pentagon in Washington, D. C.; Nell and her twin Neil were born October 15,1895. Nell deceased on November 18, 1979 and Neil died when she was only 1 1A days old; Grace was born January 25, 1899 and died July, 1990. Grace retired from the Department of Education in Dade County, Georgia. She was a teacher for 33 years. Ethel was born January 1, 1901 and died November 5, 1973. Ethel was a nurse in Hamilton County, Tennessee; Jay died at the age of 5; Paul was born May 13, 1907 and died November 26, 1967. He owned and operated Keefe Therapy in New York. Jack was born December 16, 1912 and died. Jack owned and operated Keefe Plumbing in Chattanooga, Tennessee for many years. His son Michael Keefe is now owner and operator.

In the year 1898, Samuel and Sarah rented a large farm from Mrs. Elizabeth Acuff in the town of New England. The farm was rented together with stock and farming tools to cultivate said farm and feed was furnished to feed stock. A house was furnished for Sam and Sarah’s large family as well as one-half the labor required to cultivate and keep farm in repair. The seed was furnished and Sam was allowed to have % interest in all crops grown except the clover crop. Sam also had agreed to keep the buildings and fences on the farm in good repairs and feed and care for the stock which were entrusted in his care and he also agreed to put up in reasonable good condition three-fourths of all crops made on farm as rent. The farm is now owned by the Gene Hixson family.

The family later moved to Durham, Georgia. Their daughter Grace married James U. Castleberry and out of this union nine children were born. Their daughter Margaret was born May 25, 1921 married George W. Dagnan December 6, 1939 who also lived in Durham, Georgia. Out of this union four children were born. They are Sarah Moore who is now Clerk of Superior Court of Dade County and has been since 1985; Mary Bailey and George W. Dagnan, Jr. and James F. Dagnan. (Submitted by Sarah Moore, Rising Fawn, Ga. 30738).

  1. Grady Dagnan

    I am Grady Dagnan. My great great grandmother was Mary Jane Keef. She was married to Francis Dagnan. I have pics and info on them. Do you have any pics or info?Thanks!

  2. Linda Cole Tatum

    Can you give me any information on Rosmand Dagnan and his family? I know he is related to the Curetons or Sims, but I don’t know what the connection is.

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