The Bradford’s Come to Dade



William Jackson & Nancy Warren Bradford

William Jackson & Nancy Warren Bradford




The name Bradford can be found through the many generations of America.  Through the efforts of many people we believe we have our correct lineage.

I’m starting with John Bradford born around 1690, died around 1750, probably in Virginia.  He married Mary Kingcart and fathered nine children.

The eighth child of John was Joseph Bennett Bradford, born 1738, died 1828, buried in North Carolina.  He had a twin, Benjamin.  He married three wives and had a total of fifteen children.  Bennett was a blacksmith by trade.  He served as an orderly in a North Carolina unit during the Revolutionary War.

The seventh child of Bennett was John (1770?-1852).  His mother was Margaret Wilson. He married Ann Goodwin who was born in Virginia and died in 1852.  There were ten children.

The oldest child of John, James “Jim” Bradford (1791-1871) was born in North Carolina but eventually settled in Dade County where he had a one hundred acre tract on top of Lookout Mountain.  He retired as a blacksmith.  James had three wives and ten children.  He first married Sarah born in 1795 in North Carolina. His second wife’s name is not known. His third wife was Sarah Jane Davis (1837-1911). She is buried in the Davis family plot of the Hawkins Cemetery. James and the other wives are in the same cemetery.

James’ children are listed: John, Andrew, Nancy, Mary, Martha, James Williamson, Henry Martin, Susan, William Jackson and Hester Jane.

James’ ninth child, William Jackson Bradford (1836) was born in Tennessee. He died in 1908 and is buried in Hawkins Cemetery.  He married Nancy Warren (1836-1922).

They parented twelve children:

1. James Martin, 1859-1944, married Mary Cox – seven children

2. Lott Edward, 1861-1934, married Sarah Elizabeth Alien – fourteen children

3. Sarah K., 1862-1922, married William Preston (Bill) Cox – eight children

4. Susan (Sude), 1865, married James (Jim) Cox – eight children

5. William 1867-1873, #5, 6, and 8 died August 19 and 20 are buried in the same grave.

6. Bennett, 1868-1873,   

7. John H. 1871-1947, married Lula Jane Alien, 1877-1961 – fifteen children

8. Mary, 1873-1873, buried in Hawkins Cemetery

9. Nancy, 1874-1953, married John Reuben Co11ins – four children

10. Wesley, 1877-1955, married Etta Moore – eight children

11. Marshall, 1880-1947, married Nelia Forester, 1882-1974, – seven children

12. Connie Clement, 1882-1933, married Cornelia McBrayar, 1888-1972 – four children

There’s a total of seventy five grandchildren for James.  Of the nine of his children who grew to adulthood, five stayed on the mountain, three went to Jefferson County, Alabama and one came to the valley, married and reared his family in Johnson Crook.

Today his descendants are scattered far and wide.

Written by Margaret C. Bradford Rising Fawn GA 30738  


  1. Jay Kennedy

    Hi, do you have any information on Hester Jane Bradford and her marriage to John Jackson Neal? He seems to come from thin air as no one can find his ancestry. Thank you!

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