Peter Forester

Peter Forester


Lucy Beckham Forester

Lucy Beckham Forester

Peter Forester was the son of Hevelow and Nancy Forester. He was born March 12, 1828 in Tennessee. This Forester family came to Dade County sometime before 1840. Peter Forester served in the Confederate Army, Co. R, 10th Regiment, 3rd Brigade of the Georgia State Troops. He married Lucy Beckham, daughter of Jesse and Susan Beckham.

After the death of his parents, Peter Forester took over the running of the family farm and took care of his younger brothers and sisters. He and his wife Lucy had nine children of their own. Many of their descendents still live in Dade County.

Their oldest child was George W. Forester, born January 26, 1857. He married 1) Sallie Kirkes and 2) Nettie Carroll. George made his home on the Forester family farm in Cloverdale. He was a member of Cloverdale Baptist Church. His children by Sally Kirkes were Herschel, Bertha Forester McGehee, Byron and Cicero. He and Nettie had two daughters, Grace Forester Blevins and Edna Forester Baugh. George died December 3, 1939 and is buried in the Miller Cemetery.

James Marion (Jim) Forester was born March 8, 1859 in Rising Fawn. He married Mary Rebecca Bible the daughter of G. A. R. Bible of the same community. They had six children: Nellie Forester Blalock, Harry Bible, John Grady, Hugh G., Rev. Fred, and James Max Forester. Jim Forester moved to Lookout Mtn. in 1896. He died Nov. 14, 1921 and he and his wife are buried in the Forester Cemetery at Head River.

Louisa J. (Lou) Forester was born in 1862. She married Phillip Gallatin (P. G.) Bible on October 14, 1883 in Dade Co. She died in 1939 and she and her husband are buried in the Bible Cemetery in Cloverdale.

Joshua Lee Forester (known as Lee) was born November 12, 1864. He married Flora
Amos One of their children was Elbert Forester, who was the founder and editor of the Dade County Sentinel. Other children were Ethel, Gus, Edna, Ruth, Sarah, Robert, Bryan, Rena, Jack and Jamie Lee (Dickerson).  Lee Forester died June 6, 1939 and he and his wife are buried in the Miller Cemetery.

Nancy (Nanny) Forester was born February 16, 1867 in Dade Co. She married Henry Templeton on December 24, 1897. She died on March 1, 1903 and is buried in the Miller Cemetery.

Elizabeth (Lizzie) Forester was born August 11, 1869. Her husband’s name was J. I. Small. She and her newborn infant are buried in a common grave in the Miller Cemetery. She died June 10, 1889.

Augustus (Gus) Forester was born after 1870. He married Lillie and moved to Arizona.

Ella Forester married A. J. Brown. They are buried in the Sulphur Springs Cemetery.

John Franklin Forester was born in 1872. He married Florence C. Haigwood. Their children were John Russell, Ralph Norman (married Sarah Bradford), Bessie Cleo (Hester), Luella (McClanahan), Minnie Alice, and Frances C. (Sullivan).

Peter Forester died March 16, 1897 and his wife Lucy died June 14, 1912. They are buried in the Miller Cemetery.

Written by Linda Hawkins Wilson Rising Fawn, GA 30738

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