John Moore and Martha Bradford

From page 159 Dade County History

(I could not find this on the disk of things in the other book. I didn’t know what to do with it.)

Sometime before the civil war, John and Martha (Bradford) Moore settled near the bluff on Lookout Mountain in Georgia. (I have been told) near the location of the old homeplace of John R. and Nancy Bradford Collins just east of the location of the later homeplace of John and Nancy Collins.

The article also states that as a precaution against pilfering by the approaching Federal Troops the Moores and mountain neighbors hid much of their

possessions and goods, or drove their stock deeper into the mountain to save what they

could. John and his sons hid their horses under a large rock shelter just east of what is now “Plum Nelly”. The women hid salt, can goods/ plates, cups, and silverware beneath and behind the many sandstones outcropping along the bluff. Another mention is made of John and Martha’s son Alex, age 13, describing his encounters with several Federal Troops. The Moores survived the war but according to a record in the library lost $4,454. I have seen no other factual information on this couple.

The U. S. Federal Census in 1870 list the children of John Moore in the household of John W. Moore, my great grandfather.

Children are:

John W. Moore, head of household

William Alexander Moore age 18

Andrew J. Moore age 15

Thomas “Payne” Moore age 12

James V. Moore age 9

Charles A. Moore age 5 (son of John W. Moore and Delia Warren Moore)

Mary Josephine (Aunt Josie) Moore, I believe was the sister to the above. Her date of birth would place her between Thomas Payne and James V. Moore. She always seemed to be living with the Moore’s. If she was not their birth child, she must have been adopted by the Moore’s.

John W. Moore married Delia Warren. William Alexander Moore married Margaret Echols. Both of whom raised large families at New Salem. Many of their descendants stayed on the mountain and reared large families. Andrew J. Moore moved to the Atlanta area. Thomas Payne Moore moved to Memphis, Tennessee. James V. Moore moved to Hinkle, Georgia and reared his family. He married Josephine Hixon. Mary Josephine married a Kendricks.

I have been told, that John and Martha Moore lived on the mountain and in the valley between Trenton and Rising Fawn, Georgia. He visited on the mountain having been injured. This was sometime after the war, whether he was injured due to the war, I don’t know. According to one source Martha Bradford Moore and John Moore are buried in Union Chapel Cemetery south of Trenton, Georgia.

Written by Anna Joyce Moore Wallace, Sweetwater, TN.

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