The Avans Post Office was located on Sand Mountain in the Avans Community near the fire hall on the property now owned by R. L. Smith Mr. James William Avans was the first office master and held this position until he moved from Dade County. His wife, Sopha Avans then took over and continued until she died.

After the death of Sopha, the next post master was Marvin J. Avans. He held this appointment until arthritis forced his retirement.

The next post master was Mrs. Hood.

One of the mail carriers, a Mr. Bates, delivered the mail throughout the community by horse back. The next mail carrier was a Mr. Gray (Henry Gray’s father) who was the first to use an automobile

The Avans post office was discontinued to Trenton.

(Submitted by Mrs. Ida Avans Hughes.)

  1. earleene

    my great grandmother was sarah moore davis daniel,her 1/2 sister was Sophia davis avans. my father was earl gass,he always remembered uncle jim avans,said he was a faith healer & helped him when he was a small child..had great memories of them both,wish I could have met them earleene gass prevatt

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