Mrs. Lucille Wright Brock, was the wife of William Hershell Brock. She was a resident of Trenton and Dade County for more than 60 years.


Mrs. Brock was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Paul B. Wright of Washington, D.C., and Lynchburg, Virginia, and was educated in the schools of Lynchburg and Pryor Institute of Jasper, Tennessee.


She will be especially remembered as being an active member in the Trenton United Methodist Church, various patriotic societies both in Trenton and Chattanooga, Tennessee, and in the Red Cross war efforts in both world wars.


She was as active and faithful member of the Cheif John Ross Chapter of the DAR, the Daughters of 1812, the Daughters of the American Colonists, the Daughter of Colonial Wars, the Colonial Dames of the 17th Century, and the Tennessee Press and Author’s Club. She also organized the Garden Club of Trenton.


She was vitally interested in her many friends, her activities, and every aspect of life and growth in Trenton.


Her daughter is Mrs. Hugh Dexter Bishop and her sister is Mrs. Glenn Kurzrock of Oak Ridge, Tennessee.


She wrote the following Easter poem.

            I do not know how a shriveled bulb,

            That seems so dry and dead

            Can spring to life when April Comes

            And be a flower instead.


            I do not know how Christ, Our Lord

            Could be in the quiet tomb

            And then come forth to

            Meet his friends,

            Again in the upper room.


            I do not know, I need not know

            Why death takes life anew.

            Suffice my heart to understand

            That these strange things are true.


(Used by permission HISTORY OF DADE COUNTY GEORGIA, Retired Senior Volunteer Program, 1981)

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