The Dade County Lions Club officially recognized Mrs. Elmer (Sue) Oliver as Citizen of the Month at a meeting held at Wright’s Restaurant on March 23.


Edward F. Wilkie, Chairman of the Citizenship Committee of the Dade County Lions Club, presented to Mrs. Oliver on behalf of the Club a certificate of appreciation, extending to Mrs. Oliver the thanks of the citizens of Dade County for the selfless service rendered to Dade County by Mrs. Oliver over the years.


Following is the text of the introduction of Mrs. Oliver to the Dade County Lions Club at the occasion:


“Over a period of several months, the Citizenship Committee of the Dade County Lions Club has periodically chosen an outstanding citizen of our county as Citizen of the Month.  Special emphasis is placed on community service, positions of responsibility held in the carrying out of professional and civic duties and, in general, fulfillment of the Biblical Admonition to ‘Love thy neighbor as thyself.’ To meet the requirements of the three foregoing areas, a person truly has to love people.


“Our choice for Citizen of the Month, who is present here this evening, has demonstrated her love for her fellow creature many times in many ways over her years of service to Dade County.  I was privileged to become acquainted with her and her family about 17 years ago, when I first came to Dade County.  Mrs. Sue Oliver and her husband, Elmer, and their two sons lived in the community where I first lived.  (In fact, they still lived there.)  My family and I visited Sue and Elmer and their family many times; we attended the same church and participated in community affairs together.


“Sue Hamlin Oliver is truly a product of Dade County.  The sixth child of Mr. And Mrs. C. G. Hamlin, who moved to Dade County in 1918, she was born in 1924 in Morganville, in Dade County, Georgia.  She has three brothers and three sisters.  She attended the public schools of Dade County, graduated from Dade County High School and attended Kirkman Vocational School.


“Sue married Elmer Oliver in 1943, and she and Elmer are the parents of two sons:  Nikki, an employee of the Electric Power Board of Chattanooga; and Rusty, who is a pharmacist in Macon, Georgia.  She is the grandmother of Kelley and Julie Oliver.


“Professionally speaking, Mrs. Oliver was employed as the clerk for the county commissioner of Dade County from 1961 to 1967.  She is presently employed as director of the Dade County Senior Volunteer Program, and she wants to tell us more about this program and the work being done for and by our senior citizens a little later in the program.”

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