(By John Franklin Bible)


Oh, my Old Dade Hills, with thy rocks and rills,

In times of distress, thy memories I still caress.

To Thee in reminiscenes I always fly

Between mountains so rugged and high;

Ever ‘neath the oak or pine, popular or clinging vine

Always bowing humbly and worshiping at thy shrine;

When filled with glee, oh! How I love to turn to thee

When once between thy hills I would lie,

On mosses ‘neath the deep blue sky,

Or wandering around throughout the night,

Until the coming of the morning light

Through wood and meadow green, by beast or bird unseen;

Tho many years away I have been,

From thee my memory doth not ween.


Oh! My Old Dade Hills, thy shadows stark,

Hold many mysteries of light and dark,

Glory of sun, moon, and stars – Jupiter, Venus, and Mars;

Oh! My Old Dade Hills —  and old Lookout Creek

The old water mills – (today such a freak)

No other grist was ever so good

For man or beast it was the best food,

Ground on the old water mills,

Back in my Old Dade Hills;

Take me back to the Old Dade Hills, where as a boy I did play

Where I roamed among the rocks and rills,

In solitude, would kneel and pray.


Oh! My Old Dade Hills  — how often in the past

Have friends near and dear come in from the blast.

Gathered around the blazing hearths with varied tales of earth

Filling my soul with ambition, adventure, and mirth.

Oh! My Old Dade Hills, I am still possessed

Of the lessons you taught and by them blessed

My gray hairs, advanced years, joys, sorrows, and tears,

Have not made me forget thee nor filled me with fears.

Oh! the dear Old Dade Hills and the creaking old water mills

The fish traps, the seines, roaring mountains, heavy rains

All still dear to my heart, of my being a very part

Sweet to my memory thou art, forming for my life a chart

Upon thy breast may my last remains rest,

My spirit by the Lord be received and blessed!


Published in the Dade County Times, February 17, 1921




(by Sp.4 Willard Dickerson, Vinh Long, Vietnam)


On this day we celebrate God’s birth

How He came from heaven to earth

To cleanse all of our sins

That eternal life we might win.


He was born many years ago

But the story never gets old.

Oh, what a wonderful sight

It must have been that night.


Shepherds in the field afar

Started following a bright star

It guided them day and night

Till Jerusalem was in sight.


In a manger he did lay,

His parents standing near the hay

The star was shining overhead bright

Giving out the holy light.


Christmas joy and Christmas cheer

Can be yours throughout the year

If on Christ you will depend

He’ll keep you safe until the end.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Willard, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ewell Dickerson of Trenton was stationed with the 544th Transportation Detachment in Vietnam.


(Used by permission HISTORY OF DADE COUNTY GEORGIA, Retired Senior Volunteer Program, 1981.)

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